October 27, 2014

Doomcast 63 - 2014.10.26

Sunday night into Monday Morning Doomcast!
Doug and Charlie catch up for Sunday night edition of Doomcast. Topics covered included the politics of Ebola, gun violence, economics, and much more!


Spingola and Friends 10/27/2014

Rodney Martin of the American Nationalist Association and American Nationalist Network. See Deanna's web site for information about her most recent book: The Ruling Elite, Death, Destruction, and Domination also available at Amazon.

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Who Controls America?


Spingola Speaks 2014.10.26

Brandon Martinez, Non Aligned Media, author of Hidden History and Grand Deceptions Heather Bowser, Agent Orange

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David Duke Show 2014.10.27

Dr. David Duke with Dr. Patrick Slattery and Don Black Today. Great show with a great discussion on Jewish hypocrisy on immigration for America and Europe and exactly the opposite position when it comes to the Jewish State of Israel and Jewish identity around the world. Then Dr. Slattery comes on to discuss it and Don Black joins the show as well and discusses thoroughly both his core beliefs and the upcoming Smokey Mtn summit in Tennessee. Great show! Share it!

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The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.10.26

Vindicating The Vanquished

Kyle’s guest is Dennis Wise, creator of Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. The discussion will include: the making of the documentary, its reception by the public, lessons to be learned from National Socialism, why this story is relevant to our struggle today, and much more.

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Syria: The Crime and the Criminals

*There is no evidence that Muslims committed the crime of 9/11
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1993 Ernst Zuendel Another Voice of Freedom 02 Street Politics in Canada ENG

*President Putin signs law criminalizing HOLOCAUST WW2 Revisionism
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