October 27, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.10.26

Brandon Martinez, Non Aligned Media, author of Hidden History and Grand Deceptions Heather Bowser, Agent Orange

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Anonymous said...

27 minutes in, Deanna pointed out an ISIS guy with a red (orangish) beard.


Even the late Dr. Stan Monteith had noticed the possible connection of these orange beards, of the Aurora theatre shooter, James Holmes, showing up in court with orange hair, at the same time that DallasGoldBug was pointing out his disinfo, and then the "self-admitted" terrorist mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, deciding to dye his beard orange, apparently with some berries, with no word about how he was allowed to acquire then in prison, and now this ISIS guy.



And if these things are more than unrelated coincidences, I also found it interesting that Kim Jong Un of North Korea said he would nuke Austin, Texas, which sounds so bizarre by itself, except when you consider that's where Alex Jones lives, and then it's possible that it's even more of an unrelated coincidence or things are even more stage-managed than most of us think.

Anonymous said...

12 minutes in, Canadian anti-Zionist activist, Arthur Topham was mentioned.

Interested parties can join 1100+ others in signing this petition by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association calling for the Attorney-General of his province to revoke her consent for the criminal proceedings against him since November 2012, before his trial in October 2015.


kowboy 83 said...

It's ZCF!!!!