September 03, 2013

Scott Horton 2013.09.03

First interview Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher, Director of, discusses why American journalist Barrett Brown faces 105 years in prison; Brown’s coverage of private cybersecurity firms and the hacker group Anonymous; and how you can donate to his legal defense fund and help protect the First Amendment at the same time. (Duration: 19:59 — 4.6MB)

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Second interview Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi, executive director of The Council for the National Interest, discusses Gareth Porter’s debunking of US “intelligence” supporting an attack on Syria; reports that the Syrian rebels accidentally set off deadly chemical weapons from the Saudis; why Secretary of State John Kerry can’t possibly know the casualty figures in Syria – no matter how confidently he states them; and AIPAC’s full-court press on Congress to get another war started in the Middle East. (Duration: 30:36 — 7.0MB)

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No Agenda Global Radio

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.09.02

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Michel Chossudovsky - Syria & Western Genocide

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Rosalind Peterson - Toxic Medicines, Toxic Oceans - Navy Says Training, Testing May Kill Whales, Dolphins
Fluoroquinolone Drugs - Cipro And Levaquin

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fuksuhima Disaster Worsening Every Hour

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The Syria Conflict in perspective

The US actions on the ground in the region, in the past two decades, speak louder than words, but, their dishonest media "pundits," have been busily debating and discussing the smoke and mirrors which their government throws out in its charade, making it seem, oh, so complex for the average Joe!

 The obvious reason for intervention in Syria has always been "regime change" for political gain and not concern for the Syrian people, but the Mainstream Corporate Media in the US and UK, shamelessly repeat the lie and cheer their politicians on as they did going into Iraq. To anyone who has been following this conflict, it has been amply clear for months, the so-called rebels are nothing more than "hired mercenaries," backed by western stooges in the region, to stoke a civil war in Syria to push their own political agenda. 

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"HANDS OFF SYRIA!" C-SPAN Callers Make CLEAR Americans Do NOT Support Obama Attacking Syria!

U.S. and Israel trying to start/Provoke a war. Two Missiles tested in Mediterranean without announcing it and denied it at first.

Israel and the U.S. want a war so badly they are antagonizing Russia and Syria.  They launched two ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean today.  They did not announce they were launching them and only after the missiles went into the sea, and being caught, did they admit firing the missiles, saying they were doing a "test".

NATO did not even know there was going to be a 'test' of missiles from Israel.  They are investigating it.
First Israel said they knew nothing about a 'test' then admitted they did test the missiles.

The U.S. denied any involvement in the beginning, until Israel said they did a 'joint' test with the U.S. 
***Read more at Sherrie Questioning all***

Obama & Kerry Caught Misleading on Syria & Weapons Inspectors

Spingola Speaks 2013.09.03

Guest: Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, author of While Science Sleeps; Sick of the Lies (video) (warning: language); BOMBSHELL! Syrian Chemical Weapon was FLUORIDE! (video)

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The Kevin Barrett Show 2013.09.03

Ole Dammegard: The same assassins killed JFK, RFK, MLK, Olaf Palme, John Lennon…here are their names! 

Guest: Ole Dammegard, author of the free book Coup d’État in Slow Motion (PDF), “a deep investigation into the assassination of Olof Palme and also reveals the astounding links to major events like the killing of JFK, RFK and John Lennon as well as the sinking of m/s Estonia, etc.”

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David Duke Show 2013.09.03

Dr. Slattery and Professor Kevin MacDonald fill in for Dr. Duke today. They have a detailed discussion of the situation in Syria and the role of Zionists in Israel and the United States in provoking it. They also discuss the Odet Yinon Plan, which 30 years ago spelled out a strategy for Israel to dominate the Middle East by exploiting ethnic and religious divisions in neighboring countries in order to weaken them and even break them up. They talk about the history of the Neoconservatives in completely transforming the Republic Party away from its isolationist and culturally conservative roots. Lastly, Professor MacDonald explains the tendency for non-Jewish white professors in the United States to engage in Euro-bashing and promoting the Jewish cultural agenda.

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Israeli Lobby Targets Syria and Iran 2013.09.02

Waging war on Syria is prelude to targeting Iran. The road to Tehran runs through Damascus.
It’s the Lobby’s prime target. 
The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) calls itself “the most influential group on the issue of US-Israel military relations.”
It “advocate(s) on behalf of a strong US military, a robust national security policy and a strongU.S security relationship with Israel and other like-minded democracies.”
 It supports Israeli lawlessness. It backs its regional dominance plans. It endorses war on Palestinians and other Israeli regional enemies.
 It wants uncompromised Washington support. It wants it in lockstep with Israeli policy. It’s connected to political, military and corporate officials in both countries.
Last April, Michael Makovsky became its new CEO/executive director. He’s a former Bush administration official. He was the hawkish Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) foreign policy director.
Blaise Misiztal is acting BPC foreign policy director. He and Makovsky target Iran. Last June they headlined “Lessons from Syria for Iran,” saying:
America, Britain and France “confirmed the use of chemical weapons in Syria.” Obama drew a “publicly stated red line.”
 ”The lesson learned from Syria is that preventing a nuclear Iran” depends on “actionable” red line enforcement. Doing so requires verifiable “evidentiary standard(s).”
 They must be “credible.” People must be convinced that crossing the line requires “a response, especially a military one.”
Syria is prelude to attacking Iran. America saying “we’re not going to accept Iran having a nuclear weapon” lacks teeth. It’s “not actionable, verifiable, or credible.”
 ”Poorly designed red lines are difficult to enforce; unenforced red lines erode security.”
Last June, Obama hadn’t acted directly against Syria. Makovsky and Misztal called not doing so “a teachable moment.” They said it’s not too late.
Targeting Syria can “draw a new red line that can serve to prevent a nuclear weapons capable Iran,” they said.
They stopped short of explaining what they know. Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful. Claiming otherwise red herring subterfuge for regime change. Iran’s sovereign independence is targeted.
So is Syria’s. Fabricated chemical weapons use charges mask Washington’s real intention. Israel’s supports the same agenda. Its Lobby does as well.
AIPAC’s hostile to Syria. It wrongfully blames Assad for insurgent crimes. It claims he supports terrorist groups. It does so maliciously.
Assad stonewalls “international efforts to investigate (his nonexistent) illicit nuclear program,” says AIPAC.
On August 29, it headlined “Editorial: Syria Proves Urgency to Stop Iran,” saying:
 ”The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime highlights the danger of allowing the world’s most dangerous regimes to possess weapons of mass destruction.”
 ”While Assad has already thrust his country into turmoil and instability, the worst possible outcome for the Middle East would be an Iranian regime equipped with the world’s most dangerous weapon.”
“An effective Western response to Assad’s belligerent use of chemical weapons – and any military action to deter him from using them again – would be jeopardized even further by Syria’s dictator operating under the umbrella of a nuclear Iran.”
 ”We cannot allow Assad to operate with the support of his greatest ally in Tehran backed by a nuclear weapons capability.”
 Iran is AIPAC’s prime target. It supports ravaging and destroying Syria. It knows doing so isolates Tehran. It wants its sovereign independence neutralized. It wants it replaced by subservient pro-Western governance.
It wants all regional Israeli rival states eliminated. It supports war as a way to do it. So does the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
Its entire history reflects demagoguery and Islamophobia. High-minded mumbo jumbo conceals its odious agenda.
It disseminates pro-Israeli propaganda. It conducts smear campaigns against Israeli critics. It does so under the guise of fighting anti-semitism and supporting human rights equitably.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.09.02

Winter is almost here. Free Trade Agreements are nothing new as a tool to bring about Utopian unity among men. Perspectives on Christian and Jewish religion with historical context.


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The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.09.02

A Race For The Future

Kyle has “UrbanJungleGirl” on the show to discuss the realities of race, the war against white people, battling with words, organizations of our enemies, and solutions that could help lead us toward victory.

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Syria Is a Lie
Wars are crimes of the elite.
They lied about foreknowledge at Pearl Harbor.
They lied about Bay of Pigs and JFK's assassination.
They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam.
They lied about the Iran--Contra affair.
They lied about the Gulf War.
They lied about Waco.
They lied about the Oklahoma City Bombing.
They lied about 9/11 and the war in Iraq.
They lied about Fast and Furious.
They lied about Libya.
They WILL LIE about IRAN.
People have to WAKE UP.

I LOVE Watching MIC Presstitutes Get SMACKED DOWN By A Real Journalist :)
September 01, 2013 MSNBC News


Prince Charles wears Jewish cap at new chief rabbi inaugural

The Royal Traitor hob-nobs with the Chosenites.
Britain’s Prince Charles has raised eyebrows, attending the induction ceremony of UK’s new chief Rabbi while wearing a Jewish skullcap.
Aside from snatching the title of the first British royal to attend the inaugural of a chief rabbi, the heir to the British throne put on display his most explicit ever show of allegiance with the jews, wearing a yarmulke adorned with the Prince of Wales’s official emblem of feathers. Further proof of the House Of Rothschilde's infiltration of the Royal Bloodlines, & their close ties in both monetary & political aspirations.    (presstv)

"99% Of The People I'm Hearing From Do NOT Want Us To Get Involved In Syria!" Senator Angus King

Building Israel: The Start-Up Nation

The Jews really get a kick out of this shit...
The story was headlined: “Jerusalem mayor demands investigation of secret ‘smart tracking devices’ in toilets”.  The executives of an Israeli company that installed high tech toilets to secretly track the smart-phones of defecators are facing charges of ‘privacy violation’.  The company, cleverly named ‘Two Commandments’, ( as in ‘Ye shall make money’ and ‘Ye shall not get caught’), a Tel Aviv-based marketing and private government subcontractor,  developed ‘smart pods’ to capture smells, color, expulsive energy and volatile gases.  One of the owners, Bibby Dershitz, (a ‘21st century Moses’, according to the Wall Street Journal), claimed the device provided valuable marketing information on consumer habits.   (

Who Should be Watching Whom?

A study In Evil
Forty years ago a friend of mine, Charles Horman, was executed.
Charles was killed in order to prevent him from blowing the whistle on the role our government played in helping to orchestrate the military coup d’état that overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile.
On September 4, 1970 Allende, a socialist, won a plurality of the vote in a three-way presidential election.   Therefore, it was expected that when the Chilean Congress met on October 24th it would declare him the winner.   But the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, were determined to prevent that from happening.

Police break up 'drug-fueled orgy' at Masonic Lodge after finding women dancing naked on stage and men filming sex acts

Masons. Corrupt,Sick,Perverted Masons.
Police in Michigan have broken up a shocking 'drug-fueled orgy' being hosted at a secretive Masonic Lodge - and this wasn't the first time it's happened, authorities warn.
Officers were called to the prominent building in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan - which sits across a park from police headquarters - about 2.15am Sunday. They found five women dancing on stage naked.
They also reportedly discovered a couple having sex in the lodge and several men standing around filming the action. (

Poverty consumes so much mental energy it's like a drop in IQ

What the sign says...

People preoccupied with making ends meet had a drop in brain function similar to a 13-point dip in IQ or the loss of a night's sleep, researchers in Canada say.
The study, published in the journal Science, suggested a person's thinking and reasoning ability could be diminished by the exhausting effort of tasks like scrounging to pay bills and surviving from day-to-day. As a result, less "mental bandwidth" remains for education, training, time-management and other steps that could help break out of the cycles of poverty, the study said.    (