August 29, 2013

‘Star Drunk’: shit-faced sci-fi film written by and starring DRUNK people (especially for Zapoper!)

I found this pretty damned amusing because the actors appear to be at least trying to stick to the script instead of acting drunk.
Because they are all drunk.
Drunk drunk. Drunkity drunk drunk.
The filmmakers told Laughing Squid: ‘Star Drunk’ is the sequel to the viral short film ‘Cleverbot: Do You Love Me.’ Star Drunk is an experiment in writing a short film while drunk; several writers from Portland got together one night to write the script. We promised each other that whatever we wrote that night, we’d produce as a short film.
Obviously, the cast got in on the intoxicated fun, too. We’ve already got Drunk History, get ready for some shit-faced sci-fi. (

Obama planning to close gun sale loopholes via executive action

Rule By Diktat. That what you want America?

El Presidente' Barack Obama reportedly intends to take action on gun control where the U.S. Congress has been unable to act.
According to the Associated Press, the president will enact measures to close a legal loophole that allows felons and other criminals to register weapons to companies rather than to themselves and to increase scrutiny of U.S. imports of surplus military weaponry.
Obama added the two proposals to the slate of 23 steps that White House legal experts determined that the president could take to curb gun violence in the U.S. without the authorization of the gridlocked Congress. The announcement came Thursday, four months after a proposed omnibus gun safety bill was voted down in House and Senate.   (

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.08.29

Perspectives on Christian and Jewish religion with historical context.

NOTE: Tomorrow will be a rebroadcast.


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David Duke Show 2013.08.29

Today: Dr. David Duke goes into the Zionist Lies that are leading America and the World to a catastrophe that will not only affect Syria, but the American and European people and indeed all the people of the world. In this program he shows from admitted U.S. and Israeli sources that the entire foundation of the allegation that the Syrian government used chemical weapons comes from the Israel Intelligence organization called the Mossad, whose motto by the way is "By deception though shall wage war!"

David's site

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The Reality Of Aliens explained By Canadian Minister of Defence in June 2013!

Back on 7th June,2013, the Ex Minister of National Defence for Canada, The Hon. Paul Hellyer,  made a frank disclosure about the "Reality" of the Existence of at least 4 Alien Species actively monitoring Humanity for thousands of years.

This Information was ignored by the MSM. But the event was videoed for posterity. Worth a watch for the breakdown of the"Shadow Government" structure that really runs things across the West.

Bombing for Peace

Obama has a "Dream"....
High altitude bombing and long-range missile attacks always bring nightmares of dead children and suicidal veterans. The president’s plans for rocketing yet another mid-east country without a UN mandate are being rationalized by pointing to bad actions by others — in this case Syria’s overlords.
When bystanders and the elderly and women and children and illiterate peasants are blown to bits or maimed by U.S. missiles fired by U.S. jets, the unnumbered deaths and dismemberments (the Pentagon will not count them) will be called “accidents” or “unintended consequences.” The endless failure of the peace movement means that the bodies of unidentified villains and countless innocents are to be sacrificed by U.S pilots in their thoughtless obedience to illegal orders.   (

The Shocking Tales of 12 of the Most Over the Top US Police Paramilitary Raids and the Innocent People They Victimized

Police State-USA
Recently, AlterNet reported on the wrongful police raid of an organic farm suspected of growing marijuana in Arlington, Texas. The massive SWAT team raid lasted for more than 10 hours and resulted in the seizure of vegetables and flowers—but no marijuana was found on the premises.
This is not the first time police have used paramilitary tactics to raid people’s properties to enforce regulatory laws in the absence of any justifiable threat of harm. Here’s a list of the most outlandish SWAT team raids across the county.

Anarchist group claim responsibility for major fire at police firearms training center

Who says Anarchists are Good for nothing?
An anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a vast fire that caused major damage to a police firearms training center, under construction in Bristol.
The Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF), which has been involved for several arson attacks in southwest England before, said in a statement that they started a fire that is burning “more than 12 hours later”.
The fire was actually burning more than 24 hours after it started at the construction site at Black Rock Quarry in Portishead early on Tuesday.

Raising Awareness on 9/11 Truth: Changing Opinions and Building Momentum

As we approach the 12th anniversary of September 11, 2001, a coalition of organizations has started a new global PR campaign to raise awareness of 9/11 truth.
Combining an international advertising campaign with a national opinion poll and congressional outreach, hopes to change opinions and build momentum for a new investigation into 9/11.
Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview with Richard Gage of  (

AFP Radio Network 8/26/2013

Mark Anderson welcomes noted independent scholar and revisionist historian Michael Hoffman on the weekly show "Beyond Exposure," to discuss usury, including its sordid history and the way it brings ruin to peoples and nations. This is contrasted with how well non-usurious societies functioned without the scourge of money that bears interest upon its creation. Some monetary reform measures are noted to complete the discussion, including bold moves in Iceland and Hungary to try and send the "banksters" packing and reinvigorate their economies with peace and prosperity.        Show-page

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.08.28

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Tim Rifat - Geopolitical Analysis

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - John Friend - Satanic, Depraved Zio Jewish 'Entertainment'

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Frosty Wooldridge - World Affairs Brief

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