August 29, 2013

Anarchist group claim responsibility for major fire at police firearms training center

Who says Anarchists are Good for nothing?
An anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a vast fire that caused major damage to a police firearms training center, under construction in Bristol.
The Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF), which has been involved for several arson attacks in southwest England before, said in a statement that they started a fire that is burning “more than 12 hours later”.
The fire was actually burning more than 24 hours after it started at the construction site at Black Rock Quarry in Portishead early on Tuesday.


wanda said...

Anarchist Bombings = JEWs stirring some shit up.

Unknown said...

Revenge has been taken from police by burning down their firearms training center. Only if there was security to the vicinity the act would be impossible to take place.

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