April 12, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.04.12

John Lash

Kyle speaks with the illustrious John Lamb Lash. John is a comparative mythologist, author of Not In His Image, revealer of the Sophianic mysteries, Gnostic warrior, founder of the Kalika War Party, and much more. Much of his work can be found on gaiaspora.org and metahistory.org. Topics of this show include: John’s extensive work with Gnostic materials, the nature of Sophia, the Archontic infection, White genocide, jewish influence, and John’s latest revelations regarding the “Correction” taking place in the world.

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Elite child sex slaves "1981" forgotten documentary

Disturbing public access documentary from 1981 that later was proven true ... to the Franklin cover up , the pedo priests , the Sandusky fiasco we see today. This is a ongoing theme we see in the upper crusts of our society pedophilia with young boys within major respectable institutions. I personally do not understand it.

''Al-Qaeda Linked Rebels'' Are Al-Qaeda

Since the beginning of the Western-backed foreign invasion of jihadist terrorists into Syria in late 2010, the American and Western mainstream media has attempted to present the death squad fighters on the ground as two-sided – one group being Islamist extremists and the other being “moderate rebels.” As I have documented extensively, this characterization is entirely inaccurate as there is no such thing as a moderate rebel in Syria. Still, this information has not stopped major media outlets from producing presentations in stark contrast to the facts.
In recent months, however, as more and more evidence surfaces proving the official narrative of the existence of “moderate rebels” to be false, the corporate media outlets have taken to yet more propaganda-based name-changes and distortion surrounding the proxy forces fighting on the ground inside Syria.         ***Read full article here***

How Math Was Taught in Schools in 1950 versus 2015

***Click here to see***

What The "Cure Cancer" Cult Isn't Telling You


Merle Travis - 16 Tons

More pertinent than ever, imo.