August 29, 2015

The Debate – Asylum Seeker Crisis (August 28th)

Spingola Speaks 2015.08.29

Dr. Betty Martini reveal more info about aspartame; World Natural Health Organization; Aspartame Information; FDA’s Cult of Tyranny;  Deanna talks about the FDA, Agent Orange; Code; Restrictions on use of human subjects

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The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast 2015.08.22

As a sequel to the debate between Alex Jones and David Duke over "who rules the world", Jim Fetzer invited him on "The Real Deal" to address the deeper issues of evolution, race and IQ lying in the background during his extremely revealing exchange with Alex Jones.

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“They jumping her”

*This Video should serve as a warning that the coming "Civil Unrest" that's being actively fomented by T.P.T.B in the push towards "Depopulation" is almost upon us.
The hatred that is on display here:From the aggression of the Black couple towards the White Woman - to the passively complicit behaviour of the witnesses and cameraman present, demonstrate the futility of pushing "Multiculturalism" within any part of Western Civilisation. The Races were never supposed to live within such close proximity with each other:Especially the ones who view casual violence towards other Races as acceptable behaviour as these Coloured people obviously do.  We are witness to the same process that destroyed the "Roman Empire" 2 thousand odd years ago. They too attempted to "Integrate" various races within their culture, and it eventually destroyed them from within.  Welcome to History repeating itself yet again.*

A shocking video spreading through social media shows a couple attacking and beating a white women outside a gas station in Milwaukee.
In the horrific video a white female is thrown to the ground by a black male as the women with him repeatedly punches the victim in the head. The male then literally stomps the women’s head in while yelling, “wrong hood bitch.”

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2015.08.29

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called"Inside The Eye"
Intelligent media for the politically aware.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.08.28

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jim Kirwan - The View From SF

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Dean Henderson - (Left Hook)

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - John Barbour - Real People, Real John

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Zionism in Britain: A Neglected Chronicle

If The Jews Are Against Him? That makes Him More Electable than *any* of the others!
Jeremy Corbyn is a longtime British Labour MP, hitherto little known outside Britain. Following the resignation of Labour leader Ed Miliband, Corbyn is one of four MPs who have nominated in the leadership contest, currently subject to ballot amongst Party members and supporters until 10 September.
Corbyn has been subject to a tsunami of criticism and abuse since his nomination, providing abundant evidence on the odious character of the current British political establishment and on the farce that is curiously labeled "the democratic process".
Moreover, Corbyn, supporter of the Palestinian cause, has experienced full guns blazing from official British Jewry. On 12 August, the Jewish Chronicle broadsided with ‘The key questions that Jeremy Corbyn must answer’. With the emphasis on ‘must’...

Daryl Bradford Smith's The French Connection 8/27/2015

Daryl Bradford Smith With Muhammad Rafeeq.

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.08.28

Dr. Mary Ruwart on health, freedom, and ending aggression

First hour: Scientist, author and Libertarian presidential candidate  Dr. Mary Ruwart thinks freedom is healthy. She argues that FDA regulations are killing millions, explains her "good neighbor policy" (a libertarian spin on "love thy neighbor") in the context of the non-aggression principle, and answers hard questions about libertarianism's relevance to real-world solutions to pressing problems. At the end of the show, we ask whether the ongoing exposure of false flags and war trigger events will reveal that human nature is fundamentally in line with the non-aggression principle - and if so, whether the psychopaths who manipulate us into wars by disguising aggression as defense will soon be going the way of the dinosaur.

Dr. Ruwart is the author of Healing Our World: In an Age of Aggression and enjoys a reputation as one of America's leading libertarians.

Second hour: Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire couldn't make it, so the discussion of how many of the "another day, another mass shooting" events are false flags will have to wait for another day. (Recent events, including the Paris train shooting and the Virginia newscaster shooting, have raised the usual questions about whether Operation Gladio ever ended.)  So Kevin spends the first half of the hour monologuing about the eroding distinction between scripted Hollywood fiction and reality, using the Virginia newscaster shooting as a touchstone; and the second half hour listening to caller Sunshine Jim free-associating about the environmental crisis, lumbering and fishing in the Pacific Northwest, and whatever else crosses his mind.

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