August 29, 2015

“They jumping her”

*This Video should serve as a warning that the coming "Civil Unrest" that's being actively fomented by T.P.T.B in the push towards "Depopulation" is almost upon us.
The hatred that is on display here:From the aggression of the Black couple towards the White Woman - to the passively complicit behaviour of the witnesses and cameraman present, demonstrate the futility of pushing "Multiculturalism" within any part of Western Civilisation. The Races were never supposed to live within such close proximity with each other:Especially the ones who view casual violence towards other Races as acceptable behaviour as these Coloured people obviously do.  We are witness to the same process that destroyed the "Roman Empire" 2 thousand odd years ago. They too attempted to "Integrate" various races within their culture, and it eventually destroyed them from within.  Welcome to History repeating itself yet again.*

A shocking video spreading through social media shows a couple attacking and beating a white women outside a gas station in Milwaukee.
In the horrific video a white female is thrown to the ground by a black male as the women with him repeatedly punches the victim in the head. The male then literally stomps the women’s head in while yelling, “wrong hood bitch.”


SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Just go back to Sleep Whites,,, JESUS will take care of these Blacks in due time!

FYI: This White Pig looks like a Self Hating White that only likes Dark Coal anyway..
White Fat Blond in Nigglet town after Dark speaks Volumes..............

foon1e said...

SJC: How do *you* know she wasn't just an unfortunate motorist who stopped for gas at the wrong time? You assume that just because she wasn't a stick insect,she was there looking for dark meat? In my experience,you don't go to a gas station for a hook up.
Nor do you automatically assume that white men don't find women attractive just because they carry around a few more curves then you personally find enticing.
Look to your own issues man. btw - "Jesus" won't do squat - the offspring of fake deities rarely if ever appear to sort out mankind's own self-inflicted problems.
The only people you can rely upon are your own family and friends in this life.

Christopher Marlowe said...

It's interesting that the same person who hates God so much that he somehow blames Jesus for this attack, is also quick to blame the woman who was attacked. And yet this person supposedly is angered by this senseless and brutal unprovoked attack on a white woman by blacks.

1. Yes, God will avenge this attack in His own time and in perfect justice.

2. Even still, a red-blooded man should not have permitted this attack. The witnesses should be ashamed. That bully needs a good lesson.

3. The white-girl-bleed-alot guy has videos like this all the time. It seems that racial violence against whites is particularly strong in the black community, obviously fueled by the victimization that they perceive on the retard-box. The videos show numerous instances of ganging up, many blacks against one white, and attacks with no warning or provocation. The attacks are often brutal, and it is quite common to see black men deliberately stomping the victim and kicking him in the face and head. These people who attack like this are brutal animals and they belong in prison or at the end of a rope.

LCR said...

This is a drop in the bucket. There's been way worse going on every day for yrs. check out oakwoodNS & Colin Flaherty on Youtube. THere was many more accounts but JewTube keeps deleting the accounts.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Foon...Did I pinch de-nuts???

I live around that shit... That chick was at home hanging around that store (Safe Assumption)body language tells all..

I have ZERO care for anyone that puts their White Tits & Pie on display for Nigglets!

Can't save People from them selves... Not even the Stupidest Race on earth... WHITES!
Generations of Sheep waiting for the Jew Fairy to come and save them as their Home Lands turn BLACK!!

I am starting to see why so many White Women like Blacks,, 95% of White Men are Ball-Less and when they do manage to reproduce,, their spawn turns Gay...

foon1e said...

But , as you just pointed out SJC; It can *only* be an assumption. You have no proof to back up your assertion other than your own opinion on the matter. That isn't 100% foolproof. The "store" was actually the frontage of a Gas Station - which makes it more likely that she was someone who'd just paid for her Gasoline,and had exited the payment area only to unfortunately come across this gang of Blacks. 2 of which took exception to her presence in *their* " Hood " (Hence the Black Guy's repeated statement of "Wrong Hood Bitch" as he tried to stomp her head into the concrete).
Of course, I could be completely wrong in my own interpretation too. But the video evidence i saw suggests otherwise - No cgi involved! ;)
As for the spawn of white Guys turning Gay? There's plenty of Black guys that go that way too. That is more down to the environmental and chemical poisons Humans are subjected to daily. If "BPA" and other plasticisers introduce changes in Hormonal levels in both men and women? Then it's no surprise as a species that "Gays" are becoming more prevalent - and visible. They are the ones who also tend to be more pro-active in lobbying for their lifestyles. And pushy enough to become Politicians, Hollywood producers etc - agenda setters all.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Sorry Foon.. I find it very Productive to go Right for the Neck and ask questions later.

The only 100% Proof of anything I see in that Video that is fact is, that lady will Never feel comfortable around Blacks for the rest of her life... "No- Black Lives Matter" protest for her..

Lets not forget about Personal responsibility: Alone and nothing "Zero" to protect her self, Just walking around in a Coma just waiting to be a Victim.. That was in Michigan, She could of had a Gun/Knife/Mace/Taser.. legally!

In the end, More Videos of Whites getting the shit kicked out of them maybe the only thing that Wakes the White race up.. Nothing else looks to be working!

foon1e said...

Agreed. That's why i posted the bloody thing. Looks like only shock tactics and actually *being* the victim themselves is the only thing that'll wake 'em up.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Sounds Good,,,Much Respect Foon!