March 13, 2013

Renegade Special Report with Mike and Kyle 2013.03.13

Will is out this week, so Mike and Kyle do an hour-long broadcast to discuss pertinent issues.

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Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager Oct. 20, 2012

Pedophile Rings Reach to the Top of Governments

Carolyn speaks about  the latest pedophile scandal in Britain (where such scandals crop up a lot) involving the BBC‘s squelching of  “rumors” of child sexual abuse by top star Jimmy Savile.  Now the denial has ended and  a police criminal investigation is underway, while the government-owned BBC struggles to deal with its own investigation and top executives make statements of denial that they were involved in any cover-up. Also discussed:

Image: Jimmy Savile (center) socialized with top Britons, including members of the Royal Family; here with Prince Charles (left) in Scotland.



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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.03.13

Interview with Geoffrey from Canada re: maritime admiralty law, chem trails, etc.

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David Duke Show 2013.03.13

Today: Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery in final part of the three part program exposing the Jewish tribal takeover of the United States of America, and the discriminatory practices engaged against European and Asian Americans in the most egregious ethnic supremacism in American history.

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.03.13

The Boys Will Not Let This Spin Out of Control, This is What They Do for a Living

-Andy goes into detail on the shoes to drop, his prediction of “massive”
-Inflation and Patrick asks if he wants to change the word to “hyper” inflation.
-What are the differences and similarities to five years ago, March 2008 in the World of Money?
-Greece, Spain the EU and the big picture – A planned event
-You’ll get a fun history lesson the first hour on Lincoln, the Greenback and how the National Banking Act came into existence
-Andy explains the critical difference in a trading currency and reserve currency
-Buy gold with yen and go to sleep for ten years
-The Illinois Pension Fund fraud – the shape of things to come
-Read the books by Eustace Mullins
-Andy answers a fascinating email from a listener in Greece provocative questions on Greece’s possible way out of their dilemma.
-Inquiring minds want to know – what happens when interest rates start to rise and when is this going to happen?
-Buy some gold coins now, so if it goes to $5,000 per ounce you will have some fun choices to make.
-Advertising for more Food Stamp Recipients is working well
-Debt can be a blessing with creative credit card use

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Spingola Speaks 2013.03.13

Guest: Dr. Betty Martini talks about aspartame; World Natural Health Organization; Aspartame Information; FDA’s Cult of Tyranny

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The jewish New World Order Exposed - Flyer by Lindsey

You are free to make copies and share them with anyone and everyone you can, and place them as you would any other flyer to spread the word in your town/city as to what is happening to and in our world, WHY it is happening, and WHO is doing this to us.

I am so very proud of how it turned-out, and this is only my first in a series of flyers that I will now do thanks to Mr. Jonn Kaminski's motivating essay, "The Ugly Empire," which basically said it as it is, and there is ZERO EXCUSE FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US TO BE DOING EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN TO INFORM THE WORLD AROUND US OF THE TRUTHS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING.

I am just so excited, and I really want to hear feed-back on it, and ways to improve in this flyer-campaign.


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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.03.12

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - The House That Evil Built

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Gordon Duff - Veterans Today

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs

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Keith Johnson's Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast 3/12/2013

Keith entertains his listeners with more discussion of the Jew scam world we live in today and it's stupid gentile helpers.


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