May 11, 2021

How to Stop Your Doctor From Killing You - Vernon Coleman, Harry Vox, JP & Company

How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You
Vernon Coleman
Covid-19 Virology Fraud Explained In 19 Minutes by Spacebusters
Message From Dr. Michael Yeadon on the Quaccine Passports
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Bill Gates' Pedophile Question The Key to Understanding The JEWISH VIRUS!
Harry Vox - Unsafe Space
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What You Need To Know About


A Week in News
JP Sears, News Anchorman

COVID-19—Extending Surveillance and the Panopticon


Surveillance is a core function of all public health systems. Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have deployed traditional public health surveillance responses, such as contact tracing and quarantine, and extended these responses with the use of varied technologies, such as the use of smartphone location data, data networks, ankle bracelets, drones, and big data analysis. Applying Foucault’s (1979) notion of the panopticon, with its twin focus on surveillance and self-regulation, as the preeminent form of social control in modern societies, we examine the increasing levels of surveillance enacted during this pandemic and how people have participated in, and extended, this surveillance, self-regulation, and social control through the use of digital media. Consideration is given to how such surveillance may serve public health needs and/or political interests and whether the rapid deployment of these extensive surveillance mechanisms risks normalizing these measures so that they become more acceptable and then entrenched post-COVID-19.

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The Looming Food Shortages - Ice Age Farmer


"About to get much worse."
Ice Age Farmer
No More Lockdowns...
 Andrew Lawrence alias Tedros Ademon
Jailhouse Interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski
Rebel News
Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

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Patrick Timpone Interviews Mischa Popoff 2021.05.10

Is It Organic?

Patrick Timpone has been in radio since 1967 where he waited out the war playing Frank Sinatra records on Armed Forces Radio on Johnston Island, 50 miles south west of Hawaii. In 1978, he fell madly for a beautiful lady who had the most amazing clear blue eyes he’d seen. And she’d eaten a vegetarian diet since birth, which inspired Patrick’s quest into health. Since then he has been interviewing countless experts and constantly experimenting with his own diet and superfoods.

Police Murder Truther, Jeff Murray - Prepare to Fight Back! H. Makow & Gary D. Barnett

Jeff Murray in his thirties
Police Murder Truther, Jeff Murray, in Cold Blood

May 10, 2021

Guilty until proven innocent.

Jeff Murray is our George Floyd. 

Floyd dies in police custody 
and the world stops.
Police framed and killed Jeff Murray 
Sunday and it goes totally unnoticed.  
by Henry Makow

Jeff Murray was a familiar name in my inbox. He sent me links which I would tweet.

Sunday in Greenville SC,  "A bicyclist was shot and killed Sunday morning, and officers shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect, Greenville Police Department Police Chief J.H. Thompson said Sunday." 

Police "shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect."

The David Duke Show 2021.05.11

Dr. David Ernest Duke (born 1 July 1950) is a European American best known as an advocate for the rights of Europeans in the United States and around the world as well as criticisms of Jewish supremacism. Duke has been a prolific author, politician and media personality whose works have reached very large audiences. Consequently he has often been attacked and misrepresented in various ways.

Today: Dr Duke and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1512 - 2021.05.11

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, "The Synagogue of Satan", which has been translated into numerous languages and featured on bestseller lists worldwide. His second book is entitled "In The Name of Yahweh". "The Synagogue Of Satan," was an education in who controls the world and how they do it, "In The Name Of Yahweh," shows us why they are in control, and how their control can be broken.

Dr. Lorraine Day – The Deliberate Destruction Of America And The World #1 – How Do We Know This Is The Time Of The End?

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2021.05.10

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - Donald Jeffries  - Fading America

Download Hour 2 - Mitchell Henderson  - White Privilege, White Guilt and the Constitution

Download Hour 3 - Mischa Popoff - The Communist Plans For Our Food Supply

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The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2021.05.10

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Latest absurd political bullshit with callers

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Addicted To Our Own Destruction With Mike 'The Rebel Madman' Gaddy 2021.05.09

Mike, Scorpio, Robert Hudson and Daryl Wayne.

Hour 2: From the 1848 Revolution to 1965 Immigration Act - connecting the kosher dots
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