July 13, 2015

The Insanity of the West


Spingola and Friends 7/13/2015

Deanna talks again(Part 2) about Michael Collins Piper's False Flags: Template for Terror and The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within.

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Overthrow Radio Network: Tarrah Beth discusses the latest attacks on confederate history 7/12/2015 - Harvesting Truth radio talk show

Tarrah will get into the latest attacks on confederate history and what supporting the rainbow flag really means.        Show-page          AmericanFreePress.net         BarnesReview.org


David Duke Show 2015.07.13

On today's show Dr. Duke discussed an articulate article written by none other than Fox News' Megyn Kelly entitled "The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered." One certainly might think that Mrs. Kelly has been listening to Dr. Duke's radio show. Dr. Duke added additional information to make this show a foundational lesson in the issues around the Confederate controversy.
Unlike Megyn Kelly, however, Dr. Duke is not blaming Northerners for the anti-Confederate onslaught. Rather, he sees it as being orchestrated by a Zio media that wants to destroy and denigrate all forms of European heritage and identity, with Confederate imagery merely being the flavor of the month. He also sees it at another facet of the Jewish supremacist effort to divide and conquer, as this issue has been framed to pit North against South, black against white, liberal against conservative.

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1941 L'vov Lemberg massacre of Christians by Jewish BOLSHEVIK communists NKVD agents


TIME Admits ISIS Bringing Arms, Fighters in From NATO Territory

Reports of confirmed, extensive logistical networks passing through NATO and US-ally territory, into Syria, contradict the current prevailing narrative that ISIS is an “indigenous” terrorist organization, funded and self-sustaining within the territory it currently holds in both Syria and Iraq. The Western media has attempted to claim with little evidence that ISIS’ immense, global operations are somehow underwritten by “ransom payments” and “black market oil” it has seized in eastern Syria.
Clearly, not only are these reports as untenable as they are untrue, the Western media itself has reported precisely how ISIS has been sustaining its impressive fighting capacity – with billions of dollars of state-sponsored aid flowing through NATO territory, directly to their front lines.
To defeat ISIS, its supply lines must be cut – a simple matter to perform that requires only Turkish and other NATO troops to move in and disrupt overt ISIS logistical networks running within their own territory. Instead, the US State Department and US-operated NGOs have even gone as far as condemning what little attempts have been made to control Turkey’s border with Syria.
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Overthrow Radio Network: Chris Petherick interviews Off the Grid Activist, Robin Speronis 7/10/2015 - The Farm radio talk show

On this week’s The Farm radio talk show on the Overthrow Radio Network, host Chris Petherick will be joined by author Robin Speronis, who for the past few years has been fighting local authorities in Cape Coral, Fla. for her right to live off the grid.
The show will focus on Ms. Speronis’s fight as well as providing helpful tips on how regular people can learn to live independently of the nanny state.            Show-page          AmericanFreePress.net         The Barnes Review


Blacklisted Radio - 2015.07.12

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.


In this episode of Blacklisted News Radio,We still await Mr Owen's Official Blurb regards this weeks episode. Dive in and take a chance,or await the enevitable Post Update later.



No Agenda Episode 738 - "Busted Router" - 2015.07.12

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