August 03, 2023

"We reserve the right to inject you"

Russia's Ministry of Health wants to make Sputnik V mandatory for half the adult population in the event of another COVID "outbreak"

Edward Slavsquat Jul 28, 2023

Russia celebrated National Opposite Day last week.

This year’s festivities included newspaper headlines claiming that the Health Ministry was pulling the plug on mass vaccination against The Virus:


Russia’s Ministry of Health is actually proposing the exact opposite of what the above headline suggests—but it was Opposite Day, so there’s no reason to be upset.

The ministry wants to amend the National Preventive Immunization Calendar so that COVID vaccination could be mandatory for “vulnerable categories of citizens” whenever the country’s benevolent health authorities believe the “epidemiological” situation warrants another round of coercive injections.

Who is included in these “vulnerable categories of citizens”? Approximately half of Russia’s adult population, because if you aren’t already vaxxed to the max, you’re vulnerable:


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