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Real Deal with Jim Fetzer 2012.10.12

Guest: Mike Harris - Coming civil war in America?

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The National Intel Report with John $tadtmiller 2012.10.17

Guest: Ralph Winterrowd

John and Ralph talk about the Jewnited States inc and the fraud they have pulled on the American people.

Folks we have no government, just corporate pirates posing as government. The United States of America never existed!

All so-called nations are franchises of the Jewnited States inc, registered in Delaware 

For more info check out Season of Treason and if you want the whole story and the proof check out  America the Sea of Souls parts 1,2,3



The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2012.10.17

Living in a Fish Bowl without Becoming Fishfood

Todays Topics:
 -Housing numbers, Job numbers – see “Uncle Same Cooks
the Books” by Andrew Gause
-Mr. Romney is talking tough with China, tariffs. Is this real?
-Tuesday’s debate – analysis by Andrew and Patrick from the cheap seats
-Oil, gas, it’s all the same in the Middle East
Don’t miss our last show with F. William Engdahl
-Taxes and real issues of the fiscal cliff and your paycheck in 2013
-Andy clearly explains the Obamacare and home sales tax issue
-Your child collecting quarters has may benefits
-The Cashless Society is right on track at warp speed
-The essence of the float AKA check kiting
-Banks scan your checks and money goes out quicker yet comes into your account slower – these guys are good
-Living in a fishbowl without becoming fish food
-Caller asks about the Trilateral Commission, The Illuminati and other “Secret” Societies. Andy gives us an earful.
-Hear a top ten list of “The Boys”
-The fourth quarter – gold and silver prices
-Who does Andrew think “The Boys” want elected?
-The Depository Trust Corporation – What do they do and who owns them?
-Why the Euro will have a strong fourth quarter and the dollar a stinky one
-The Articles of Confederation and The European Treaty. What is the connection?
-The Central Bank of the EU is in Germany and they are fast friends late at night with Great Britain
-Lots of good stuff on collecting, grading, and transporting coins
-The new One Hundred Dollar Bills are loaded with encryption that will curl your hair.
-Banks are writing off mountains of real estate losses. See BOA’s fourth quarter

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C2C 2012.10.16

Gordon Duffewicz - Alien Secrets & the Military

First hour guest, editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duffewicz, talked about a report of a combined fleet operation between the U.S. and China against an alleged unfriendly ET threat. According to Duffewicz, aliens in underwater bases planned to call their motherships in and seize the entire Pacific basin, not unlike what was depicted in the movie Independence Day. Further, Duffewicz said that the Majestic 12 documents were real, and various treaties were established with alien visitors. He also spoke about how the US has spent trillions of dollars developing advanced weaponry and technology, unknown to the public-- one of his sources claimed America had built an interstellar craft as far back as 1952.

VT Article - UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco


Spingola Special 2012.10.17

Rick Simpson talked about the benefits of hemp oil

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When Mitt Romney Came To Town

Mitt Romney. Was he a job creator or a corporate raider?

That's the question this film answers.

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.10.17

Completion of Abu Nidal discussion and discussions of the Achille Lauro hijacking and the USS Cole attack.

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David Duke Show 2012.10.17

Today: Dr. Duke and Adrian Salbuchi, International financial expert from Argentina discuss how Jewish extremists influence global policies and reach into every nation.

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.10.17

" It's a beer'd nation now "

No guest

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Deadline Live

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The US military has held a pre-trial Gitmo hearing

The US military has held a pre-trial hearing for five Gitmo inmates accused of planning the controversial 9/11 attacks in 2001 as the defendants maintain justice does not exist in the court martial. 

Spingola Speaks 2012.10.17

Guest: Colin Gunn talks about his book, IndoctriNation, Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

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The Word from the Trenches with Henry Shivley 2012.10.17

Henry was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1961, raised in Chiloquin, Oregon, a small logging town in southern Oregon, where he currently lives. Henry and his wife operate the patriot news site, From the Trenches World Report.

Topic: The phony debate, gun control, financial crisis, and we will win the upcoming battle for our Republic.

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Zionists' inside job

Press TV has conducted an interview with Political Commentator Mark Dankof about the Zionist 9/11 scam.

Rediscover 9/11

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.10.16

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Terry Arnold - Syria, Iran And War

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Patricia Doyle, PhD - Emerging Diseases And Your Health

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Brien Foerster - 'Ancient Aliens' In Our Midst..The Conehead Skulls - Vids.

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Scott Horton 2012.10.16

First interview Michael Ratner

Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and attorney for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, discusses the declassified documents that show the US Military Designated Assange “Enemy of State;” the stalemate between the British government, Assange, Swedish prosecutors, the DOJ and the Ecuadorian embassy; the rumored grand jury indictment against Assange for espionage; Bradley Manning’s sham trial; and why WikiLeaks is a legitimate journalistic organization like the NY Times, not a conduit for passing information to Al Qaeda. (Duration: 21:09 — 4.8MB)


Second interview Naureen Shah

Naureen Shah of the Human Rights Institute discusses the under-counting of deaths from US drone strikes; problems with applying “civilian” or “militant” labels to Pakistani tribesmen; the shortcomings in WWII-era laws of war; and how drones allow the Obama administration to start and escalate wars on the sly. (Duration: 29:25 — 6.7MB)


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