October 17, 2012

C2C 2012.10.16

Gordon Duffewicz - Alien Secrets & the Military

First hour guest, editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duffewicz, talked about a report of a combined fleet operation between the U.S. and China against an alleged unfriendly ET threat. According to Duffewicz, aliens in underwater bases planned to call their motherships in and seize the entire Pacific basin, not unlike what was depicted in the movie Independence Day. Further, Duffewicz said that the Majestic 12 documents were real, and various treaties were established with alien visitors. He also spoke about how the US has spent trillions of dollars developing advanced weaponry and technology, unknown to the public-- one of his sources claimed America had built an interstellar craft as far back as 1952.

VT Article - UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco



Anonymous said...

I know that ya'll have forgotten about how Tom Flocco crashed and burned, but this shit from Fluff is exactly the same kind of shit that Flocco was doing when he completely disappeared from the scene. He was putting out lies and just complete fake stories like Bush and Cheney indicted that people actually were stupid enough to spread without checking, destroying their credibility, and then he just went all out with complete fabrications like shoot-outs with secret agents in Chicago and Johnny Gosch is really Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, Bush's "alleged" male prostitute lover, which appears to have serious validity, except of course him being Johnny Gosch.

Guys, at some point, it is apparent to me that Fluff has decided to pull a "Flocco" and crash and burn Veterans Today, and by extension, everyone associated with them.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Didn't know there was such a back story.

Thanks for the info.