May 15, 2022

Operation Scorpio 2022.05.14

Scorpio Show # 3 on

Scorpio and Giuseppe welcome: Russ Winter and Daryl Wayne

Topics include:

1) The Eve of the Robot Revolution
2) Elon Musk: The Good Billionaire
3) Bono and New World Order Minions Party It Up in Jewkraine
4) Who Will Live in Ukraine 2.0

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The Alternative Media With Farren Shoaf 2022.05.14

Latest political bullshit and current events

Farren Shoaf  Host of The Alternative Media has been involved in the End The Fed, Marches against Monsanto,We Are Change and several various 911 Truth Movements. His favorite quotes are “I am a conspiracy factualist and everyone else is a reality theorist” and also”Give me Liberty or Let’s give you Death. Farren discusses any and all subject matter, he looks to identify the real problems as well as discuss solutions. Having been a host on RBN for over seven years Farren has interviewed many considered to be some of the most relevant leaders in the Truth movement such as Ron Paul, Kevin Alfred Strom,  Dennis Kucinich, Texe Marrs, Russell Means,  Monica Schaefer,  Jim Tucker, Luke Rudowski, Dennis Wise, David Walker, Richard Gage and many more.
The Alternative Media is your Saturday morning broadcast where we discuss current events, politics, the disinformation and lies of the mainstream corporate owned puppet media and the fact that the Federal Government of the United States no longer has any resemblance whatsoever of representation of WE THE PEOPLE.

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