May 15, 2022

Operation Scorpio 2022.05.14

Scorpio Show # 3 on

Scorpio and Giuseppe welcome: Russ Winter and Daryl Wayne

Topics include:

1) The Eve of the Robot Revolution
2) Elon Musk: The Good Billionaire
3) Bono and New World Order Minions Party It Up in Jewkraine
4) Who Will Live in Ukraine 2.0

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4 comments: said...

Scorpio doesn't believe that the war in Jewkraine is real, so show him people this Bitchute chanel if he know what's real or fake. Hundreds of video from Jewkraine.

zapoper said...

"Scorpio doesn't believe that the war in Jewkraine is real":

Scorpio starts talking @38.01 and at some point he said that Zelenskyy is a jew and an actor. How the hell does that translate to Scorpio not believing that the war is real?

Then @ 54'23 Scorpio talks about the Ukraine war and that the west seem to want to escalate it.

@56'44 Scorpio talks about WWII and how it relates to the Ukraine war.

@1:24'08 Scorpio talks about freemasonry

zapoper said...

The time stamps are for the perfect triangle. Adolf wrote this in two threads.

Scorpio said...

I never said I don't think the Jewkraine war is real - I said there are many things about it that doesn't add up - like celebrities and politicians flying into a war zone. Russia's "strategy" isn't adding up either. We are being played from all sides on this one, that much I am sure of.