September 10, 2014

Obama has been wrong on foreign policy for five years. Why believe him now?

Dennis Kucinich: U.S. is Lying and Manipulating Fear to Justify War on ISIS

RPI Advisory Board Member Dennis Kucinich, interviewed this week on the Alan Colmes Show, emphatically argues against the United States military attacking ISIS. In particular, Kucinich explains that the US government is lying and manipulating fear to justify war on ISIS.

A big part of the US government’s trickery, Kucinich notes at the beginning of the interview, is that US “ally” Qatar is funding ISIS while the US government is bombing ISIS.

Putting the beating of the war drums against ISIS into context, Kucinich discusses the effort to use fear to manipulate Americans into supporting wars since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Kucinich warns that the fear campaign, in addition to driving a destructive foreign policy, is helping build a “national security state” that threatens Americans’ freedom.
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Terror and the Patriot Act of 2001, Implemented in the Immediate Wake of 9/11

On Monday, September 17, 2001 an unusual pattern began to emerge.
Attorney General John Ashcroft announced on this day that he would soon be sending an anti-terrorism proposal to the U.S. Congress and that he would ask Congress to enact the legislation by Friday, September 21. Given the length, complexity and importance of the bill (the Patriot Act) this was an astonishing announcement. He was asking Congress to act with blazing speed and to make an Olympian leap of faith. On the same day, September 17, an article by Rick Weiss appeared in the Washington Post entitled, “Bioterrorism: An Even More Devastating Threat.” Weiss explained that: “Biological attacks can be far more difficult to respond to than conventional terrorist attacks. For one thing, they are covert rather than overt; for days, no one would know that one had occurred. That’s a huge problem for a disease like anthrax.” If it was peculiar that the announcement of the proposed legislation should correspond with the announcement of a threat of anthrax, it was even more peculiar that the threat was simultaneously being made real. On September 17, or possibly on the following day, letters containing spores of Bacillus anthracis were put in the U.S. mail. As Weiss had suggested, although several people at the targeted sites (news agencies) developed anthrax, for some time after the disease was induced it remained undiagnosed. The pattern was now established. For over a month following Ashcroft’s announcement, as the Patriot Act made its way through Congress before being signed into law by G. W. Bush on October 26, the bill would be accompanied by anthrax—both the threat and the reality. Perhaps there has never been a piece of legislation in American history that was so clearly forced on Congress by a credible threat of death.      ***Read full article here***

11 Reasons To Boycott Apple Computer Products

Apple iThings pioneered a new level of restricting the users: they were the first general purpose computers to impose censorship over what programs the user can install. Apple practices Digital Restrictions Management in many other ways too.
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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.10

The seventh show on the 9/11 event. Jason calls in and an interesting discussion ensues. At some point, Wayne chimes in. (I did the math Wayne: Tonight's show at 7pm eastern will start at 8:30 am your time assuming that the earth ain't flat lol.)

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.09.10

It’s taper time

-The boys are buying bonds as fast as they can crank out using back room war dollars
-The ruble and stock market in Russia are getting the poop kicked out of them; Andy explains why
-It’s taper time; Andy’s keeping up with the IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank
-Hear a cool history lesson on the genesis of the petro dollar and it’s evolution to today’s monetary and foreign policy
-The monetary component of 911 is fascinating
-Andy gives his opinion of 3D printing stocks
-How on Earth did the British Empire claim all this land all over the world
-We’re shocked ! Over one Trillion dollars in rare earth minerals are in the ground
-St. Louis FED says the people are not spending money and that’s the big problem of this economy
-Christopher Columbus was a bad guy according to Andy; he tells a little about the history of this man
-What happened to ‘HYPERINFLATION’? Remember when everyone was screaming it except Andrew; who’s right now?
-A listener asks if there’s any truth to a TRN replacing the FRN; Andy says ‘no way’ for the umpteenth time
-The stock market has reached record levels…so has food stamps
-The need to increase our productivity in the U.S.; Andy explains why if we don’t, we’re headed for disaster
-Andrew gladly accepts the ‘Luddite’ label; you can keep your Bitcoin
-How is it possible that the US has approximately $11 trillion in M2 and $60 trillion in total debt, private and public?
-What is the necessary conditions for increasing monetary velocity in the economy?

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David Duke Show 2014.09.10

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery Today. In this program Dr. Duke confronts head on the constant headlining and association of him with the KKK, and how this is simply an attempt of the Jewish supremacists to deflect people from his amazing books and research exposing Jewish supremacism. In this program along with the article, Dr. David Duke, Nelson Mandela: How the Jewish Media Manipulates the News. He shows the complete double standard of the Jewish Media. For instance he shows how Nelson Mandela is not headlined by the medias as Communist, even though he was a Communist leader who was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in South Africa. They show picture of David Duke, many over 40 years old but don't show pictures of Nelson Mandela giving the Communist salute before the Communist hammer and Sickle next to the leading Jewish Communist of the CP. They don't headline the fact that the founders of the so-called neo-Conservative movement were in fact Trotsky communists, worshipers of the head of the Bolshevik Red Army that slaughtered millions of Russians and other Christians! In a way, the unfair and distorted attack on Dr. Duke is a compliment to the fact that his wonderful work so powerfully exposes the World Wide Zionist Threat to All Mankind! Great show, save and share!

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9/11 EVE 2014: Countdown To ISIS False Flag jew Attack - DON'T BE FOOLED AMERICA!
America is being prepped for a jew "terrorist attack" (false flag) blamed on ISIS for 9/11 or the near future, but it will be another inside jew job make no mistake. This has been an ongoing operation for many months now.

September 2014 Times Square Digital Billboard
*9/11:Israel did it
*Fox Banned News 9-11 The Israeli Connection
*There is no evidence that Muslims did 9/11
*Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9-11
*David Chandler 2010 "9/11 Analysis"
*Who Controls America?
*Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

NSA Whistleblower Supports 9/11 Truth - William Binney and Richard Gage
*9/11:Israel did it
*Fox Banned News 9-11 The Israeli Connection
*There is no evidence that Muslims did 9/11
*Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9-11
*David Chandler 2010 "9/11 Analysis"
*Who Controls America?
*Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

False Flag Alert!!!: General McInerney: We Should Go To DEFCON 1, ISIS Will Attack Us Very, Very Soon

“We should go to DEFCON 1, our highest state of readiness, and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11,” stated retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney.
General McInerney expects that the US will be attacked very, very soon by ISIS. He also asserts that we should be taking very strong action against ISIS, hitting 200 targets a day, but Obama’s narrative to handle ISIS is “three years behind.”
Yes, we should be hitting ISIS extremely hard and simply wipe this infestation off the face of the Earth.
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This Is the REAL Reason Why Obama Calls ISIS -- 'ISIL'

Media Coverup of Israeli Crimes against Humanity in Gaza: An Urgent Call to Confront the Mainstream Media

After 50 days of Israeli attacks on a basically defenseless civilian population in Gaza, the pro-Israeli media is now trying to blame the victims for the devastation.  Worse, Israel’s supporters are running scurrilous ads that malign Hamas, even comparing it to ISIS.  The editors and publishers of such media must urgently be confronted with demands that their outlets reflect the facts rather than the attacks on Palestnian resistance and the pro-Israeli re-writing of history.
Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza illustrated Israel’s use of its Dagan Plan, using Israeli civilian deaths as an excuse to cause massive Palestinian casualties and its Dahiya Doctrine, causing such extensive destruction that it would take decades to recover, thus weakening the government.  Israel not only targeted civilians (Washington Blog) (almost 2200 were murdered, with 11,000 injured) but also targeted the civilian infrastructure such as UN facilities, schools, hospitals, clinics, ambulances and medics, virtually every mosque, and the only power plant, which provided potable water.  Hundreds of thousands were left homeless;  entire families were wiped out; entire neighborhoods were razed to the ground.  Gaza has been left with little food, no potable water, a lack of critical medical supplies, electricity, or even material to rebuild with.
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*The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers
*Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza 
*Some important information for jew owners of major media news outlets

Spingola Speaks 2014.09.07

Guests:  Dr. Judy Wood, author of Where Did the Towers Go; Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate?; The Shell Game; Images and Andrew Johnson, author of 9-11, Finding the Truth
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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.09.09

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