February 28, 2021

Addicted To Our Own Destruction With Mike 'The Rebel Madman' Gaddy 2021.02.28

Mike, Daryl Wayne and Scorpio Dave discuss the wisdom of George Wallace and Patrick Henry.


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No Agenda Episode 1325 - "Leapicide" - 2021.02.28


Covid Comic Relief

I kid you not. I was watching the video above and LMAO but when it ended and wanted to watch it again, I got this stupid statement from BitChute: 

 "This video is unavailable as the contents have been deemed potentially illegal within your country by our moderation team."

When I get vaccinated...

So to sum it up, the Covid-19 vaccine...

• Does not give immunity.
• Does not eliminate the virus.
• Does not prevent death.
• Doesn't guarantee you won't get it.
• Doesn't stop you from getting it.
• Doesn't stop you from passing it on
• Does not rule out the need for travel bans.
• Does not rule out the need for business closure.
• Does not rule out the need for lockdowns.

The Covid vaccine will be a three-times per-annum shot, every year, for the rest of your life.

So...what are we doing?


The Realist Report with John Friend 2021.01.27

Fred Leuchter & Jim Rizoli