January 22, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.01.22

Hidden Inflation; the Gold Fix; and Coming Defaults

-The coming defaults in China, how it has come
to this and how it can affect us
-The importance of tariffs that are not in effect today
-Show us the Gold. The NY Fed says they have 8,000 tons of gold many experts, including Andrew, say “It just ain’t there baby.”
-The history of where the gold has gone
-Hear us talk about the fascinating chart on show page comparing the ramp up of gold in the seventies to the S&P of today.
-Inflation is hidden in inferior products from overseas
-Would Apple moving production to U.S. be “The right thing?”
-Canada caller wondering about selling property and buying precious metals
-ECB is unable to sterilize their inflation of the money supply
-700,000 Greeks are behind and paying installments on their utility bill
-The gold fix, what it is and why it’s weaking
-You ask what are Andy’s best investments after gold and silver coins
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Radio Free Northwest 1.22.2014

HAC spends most of the podcast ranting and raving at the FBI and then starts up a major Goat Dance; Olivia talks about a monkoidal shooting incident, and Andy deals with the “Northwest is full of liberals” canard.


The Insurgent Radio 12.7.2013

Terrible Tommy, synopsis pending


Spingola Speaks 2014.01.22

Guest: Joe Cortina.

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Jews rule this world by proxy

"Some" true words of malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

Sounds to me like Dr Mahathir Mohamed is talking shit about the new money Swej and endorsing the the UN loving old money Swej

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.01.22

Jews in ancient Egypt.

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.01.22

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dennis Wise, producer of Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told! Dennis and I will be discussing Adolf Hitler and his documentary.

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David Duke Show 2014.01.22

Today: Dr. David Duke goes into the essence of our worldview at DavidDuke.com and shares a revealing and utterly shocking article from a couragous Jewish writer at Hareetz newspaper in Israel. He exposes the extreme racist foundations and policy of the Jewish state and of Judaism and world Jewish organizations. A member of the Israeli cabinet that sets policy for the religious State of Israel gives a heirarchy of the human species, with of course, Jewish males at the very top of the pyramid. This is an amazing show. Don't miss it!

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School Sucks 1.21.2014

WARNING: Very strong language.
Zero Tolerance policies penetrated American schooling in the early 1990s. A generation later, it could be argued that the verdict is on the effectiveness and damage of this approach. However, Zero Tolerance policies are now more destructive than ever, especially for poor and minority students.


The Spingola Zone at AFP 1/21/2014

Deanna takes on the topic of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Truth or fiction?


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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.01.21

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Stephen Mehler - Ancient Egypt - New Developments - Photos

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Jim Kirwan - A Conversation

Hour 3 - ENCORE

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Voice of Albion 2014.01.19

Rig.Veda. I 130.8 tells of how the “black skin” was conquered:
“Indra protected in battle the Aryan worshipper, he subdued the lawless for Manu, he conquered the black skin.”
Brahmin Caste System in India
A Discussion with Sven Longshanks of Fascovereign Blog
Sven is also a contributor on the Daily Stormer and has created a site called Aryan Israel
• The Old Testament is a racially exclusive book for Aryans. Race and caste was as important for Abraham as it was for the ancient Aryan Hindus. The symbols and attributes of Indra, the King of the gods, are the same as those of Yahweh.
• Israel is all the people and nations descended from Jacob Israel, Abraham’s son, not a piece of land in the Middle East
• The European people can be shown to be the true descendants of Israel, from physical descriptions in the Bible, historical records and fulfilled prophecies.
• Today’s ‘Semites’ claim to be descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah, but since Arabs and Jews are mixed-races, this is a lie. They come from an unlawful marriage, which is a marriage between two different kinds, and have no claim to the heritage of Shem
• Jews follow the Talmud, not the Old Testament. They have two Torahs, and when they say they are devoted to the Torah, they mean they are devoted to the Torah SheBeal Peh – the Talmud. The Torah Shebichtav is the Old Testament, and remains as an ornament on the wall of the synagogue for most of the year.
• Christian values are the same as traditional White values: Love your neighbour (racial kinsman) as yourself, Honour your father and mother (your ancestors), No fornication (race mixing), No usury, Live separately to the other races and have nothing to do with them

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The INSURGENT INTEL & RADIO SHOW retro show from Jan 3 2011

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