May 02, 2014

American Free Press Editors Roundtable 5/2/2014

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No Agenda Episode 613 - "Carbon Overload" - 2014.05.01

The Mayday Show almost Live from Austin,Texas and Silly-Con Valley. Messrs Curry and Dvorak start the month as they mean to go on - Begging for cash and de-constructing the Main Stream nonsense beamed into your hovels daily.

Looks like Lurch has been sucking lemons again!


NYPD Cops Can’t Stop Getting Drunk And Shooting At People

The New York City Police Department has a problem: three officers in the span of a week have drunkenly fired their weapons at people, in one case striking a man six times as he sat in a car.

“These unfortunate incidents highlight the reality that lack of accountability at the NYPD has enabled a culture in which some officers believe they are above the law,” Priscilla Gonzalez of Communities United for Police Reform told The Huffington Post.
In the bloodiest incident, authorities say an off-duty cop shot a random motorist six times on Tuesday in Westchester County after drinking at a bar with colleagues.

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.02

The end of the Solomon's temple discussion and then the Ark of the Covenant.

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David Duke Show 2014.05.02

Dr. David Duke exposes the latest Israeli Nuremberg type Jewish supremacist laws,. He then shows the extreme racist supremacism and system of racial discrimination exercised against Gentiles in American society that has led to their "takeover of America." Jewish takeover is exactly how the leading columnist for the NY Times described it. The new article has incredible charts and illustrations that illustrate the incredible Jewish privilege and Jewish racist discrimination that has let to their control over the American people. Great show, share it and bring it to the world.

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The Monuments Men Movie Is A Monumental jew Lie

A talented painter himself, Adolf Hitler had a great appreciation for art and culture. He sees Churchill and FDR as uncultured barbarians with merciless disregard for innocent life, architecture, and works of art. As the Germans under Kaiser Wilhelm II had done during World War I, Hitler also ordered the protection of artworks throughout the combat theatres of Western and Eastern Europe.
The task of protecting the art of Europe is handed over to Air Force Marshal Hermann Goring. As Allied terror bombing ravaged Europe, thousands of paintings and sculptures from Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Romania, and Poland are gathered and meticulously inventoried by the Germans.
This process began in the fall of 1943. Had the Germans wanted to "loot" the art of Europe, they could easily have done so in 1940, 1941, 1942, and the first 9 months of 1943. It was only after Allied carpet bombardment was unleashed upon Italy (later on France), and the Soviets began advancing from the East, that the Germans began gathering up the artwork.  
Irony of irony! Barbaric American looting of Europe includes the taking of personal possessions, livestock, women, and works of art. In the East, it’s not even necessary to speak about the wholesale looting and ghastly gang raping carried out by the Red Army.
Again in 2003, the U.S. occupiers of Iraq deliberately stood down as barbarians and professional thieves looted the priceless cultural treasures of that unfortunate nation. Much of the stuff the Allies stole has never been returned. During the Iraq war, U.S. surrogates systematically looted the ancient treasures of the Baghdad Museum.      ***Read full article here***
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