June 26, 2013

The Secret Behind Communism

The Ethnic Origins of the Communist Revolution and The Greatest Holocaust in the History of Mankind.
Dr. David Duke shares in an illustrated video the Introduction for his new academic resource book on the ethnic motivations behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass genocides committed by the Soviets.
Dr. Duke in The Secret Behind Communism, uses the research of Raphael Lemkin to expose the Bolshevik purposeful genocide against the Ukrainian people that took place in what is today called the Holodomor. He also exposes the Bolshevik war against the Russian intelligentsia and nobility was also an attempt at destroying the natural leadership of the Russian people, so as to render them weaker against their new rulers an ethnic minority harboring deep racial animosity toward the Russian people for historic anti-Semitism.

The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.06.26

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the one and only Les Visible. Les writes and maintains a number of very popular blogs, and is also an excellent poet, musician, and philosopher.

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Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

Enemy of freedom Lindsey Graham says he would support censoring mail for ‘national security’ purposes

If there is any remaining doubt in your mind about the fact that the federal government today has been completely overrun by sociopathic, freedom-hating enemies of the U.S. Constitution, some recent absurd statements made by South Carolina Senator (and full-fledged American traitor) Lindsey Graham, a Republican, should put all such doubt to rest.

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Potential Manchurian Candidate Tells All

You better believe it!!
Note: There are a few audio technical difficulties that took place 5 minutes into the show. Bare with it as they last only a few minutes.
On this most interesting episode of “Intellihub” radio show hosted by Shepard Ambellas, an Anonymous guest explains his experiences of being electronically stalked, harassed  and potentially set up for a future event.


Rockefeller Email from 2002 Outlines Armageddon Agenda and Transition to New World

Seems every year we hear the same thing. Is this the real deal though?
In what appears to be a genuine email sent from Rockefeller Global Communications, the globalist elite agenda supporting a destructive planetary shift is outlined with stunning clarity. The message is authentic, powerful, and prophetic and is something that should be sincerely considered by every person. It serves as a great reminder to consider your life and its meaning deeply, for we are living in extraordinary times indeed. Email hosted at collective-evolution.com.

Scott Horton 2013.06.25

Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning Support Network discusses the latest developments in Manning’s trial; the prosecution’s so-far unconvincing attempt to show that Manning worked on behalf of WikiLeaks; and the Civil War-based precedent of the government’s “aiding the enemy” charge. (Duration: 28:30 — 6.5MB)

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David Duke Show 2013.06.26

Today: Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery do a show on why opposing the Jewish Zionists and Jewish supremacists is absolutely vital to true human rights. Today's show not only goes in to the history of Jewish led Bolshevism and the worst genocides of history, but also into the history of Jewish/Gentile relations during the past centuries. Why those who opposed Jewish power were actually the defenders of humanity.

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.06.26

A Green Thumb and a Gold Finger; Happy Days Are Here Again

-Invest in your good health – lock solid can’t loose wager
-U.S.A. 1st. Quarter GDP, oops!
-How can 4 Trillion of new dollars yield an oops?
-The Banks, USG and Media say you are financially confident
-What happens if 10 year treasury goes to, say, 2.5% ?
-Gold and Silver fall – a controlled demolition
-Mr. Bernanke’s magic checkbook can not erase the debt
-JP Morgan is short on physical gold
-Italy’s troubles are truly beginning to bubble up
-China update and this could be big what is happening there
-Gold and Silver fall below their cash costs
-Can bail in’s happen here?
-Why is it better to have mortgage than own outright?
-Is my social security check safe?

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El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — The El Dorado County Sheriff says he’s not happy with the U.S. Forest Service, so he’s stripping them of their authority by keeping them from enforcing state law within the county. Sheriff John D’Agostini is taking the unusual step of pulling the police powers from the federal agency because he says he has received “numerous, numerous complaints.”

 We asked law professor John Myers if the sheriff’s actions can supercede the feds.  

“Looks to me as though the sheriff can do this,” he said. “They don’t have state powers in the first place, but essentially the sheriff can deputize individuals to have authority in his or her jurisdiction.”

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California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk

Jeff Olson, the 40-year-old man who is being prosecuted for scrawling anti-megabank messages on sidewalks in water-soluble chalk last year now faces a 13-year jail sentence. A judge has barred his attorney from mentioning freedom of speech during trial.

According to the San Diego Reader, which reported on Tuesday that a judge had opted to prevent Olson’s attorney from "mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial,” Olson must now stand trial for on 13 counts of vandalism.

Judge Howard Shore: "The State's Vandalism Statute does not mention First Amendment rights,"

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Spingola Speaks 2013.06.26

Guest: Dr. Judy Wood, Where Did the Towers Go?

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Zombie Hasbara: ‘World War Z’ and Hollywood’s Zionist embrace

So I was surprised, jarred out of the movie really, when right in the middle of the narrative, Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, travels to Israel and spends more than 10 minutes in a full-on pro-Israel propaganda piece that was as corny as it was crazy.
The Times of Israel may be only slightly exaggerating when it calls this “the greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since Otto Preminger’s “Exodus.” Not only is Israel’s fanatical Wall Building proven to be justified, against the hordes of undead invaders, and not only are Jewish victimizations paraded to justify the aggrandizement of Israeli military prowess, but it’s Israel’s supposed humanism, and multicultural inclusiveness, which in the end weakens the fragile post-apocalyptic state and allows the zombies to overrun everything. Its pretty heady stuff.
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Is Your Smart Meter Spying On You?

Important Information.
The original intent of smart meters may been good … conserve energy by setting up a “smart grid” to maximize the efficiency of energy distribution. But there are questions about potential health effects from smart meters.  And – in this era of pervasive spying – it’s important to know where the threats to our privacy are coming from.Burglars, Hackers and the Government All Want to See Your Smart Meter Data! Collated details on washintonsblog.com

UK’s Jack Straw being interviewed on the iranian election results. Says Israel has nuclear weapons and steals Palestinian land

Jack Straw, former UK foreign secretary and Dr Dore Gold, former policy adviser to the Israeli prime minister, explain the significance of the elections to Iran and the foreign community.During the conversation, he accuses Israel of having "Extensive"nuclear weapons and stealing Palestinian land.

We Are Change UK Interviews Phil Hayton on collapse of WTC7

The news anchor, who announced WTC7 (Salomon building) had collapsed on BBC television with reporter in New York broadcasting live with WTC7 in the background more than 20 minutes before it collapsed!
The live feed cut out! The BBC lost the tapes of this broadcast for years!
When questioned by We Are Change UK, Phil Hayton couldn't remember reporting on the day until prompted...then volunteered...that it may be a conspiracy!

Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

Here comes the Sun, doo do doo doo...
Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience:  we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well. Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA. (Article up at greenmedinfo.com)

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.06.25

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