June 28, 2015

Dr. Who Treated Sandy Hook Kids Questioned about Details


Brandon Turbeville on PrimerTime Radio - June 23, 2015

Brandon Turbeville on PrimerTime Radio with Michael and Jules.

Brandon discusses the Charleston Shooting, the Confederate flag issue, and Free Speech.



No Agenda Episode 734 - "Peak Oil II" - 2015.06.28

TODAY; LGBBTQQIAAP; Eugenics; Storm Roof; Flag Burning; Rubbleize!; Dryer-Balls; F-Russia; CYBER!; Caliphate!; SnowJob; EuroLand; Agenda 21; Shut Up Slave!; Cultural Marxism; Ministry of Truth; Vaccine$; NWO; Chiner$; Über sources; War on Crazy; MIC; NA-Tech News; 2TTH; Out There, and all your usual listening whilst 2 friends unfortunately tear eachothers heads off and shit down eachothers respective necks favourites.

The Rainbow Sunday Show


The Very, Very, Very Odd Arrest of Dylann Roof


Nuclear Warfare in the 21st Century


The Hibernian Conspiracy.

The Public face the O'irish prefer to face the world with. But *what If* it's just a Facade to hide their real intentions behind?
A parody of the Conspiracy Theory surrounding the "Jews" being behind every negative aspect of Modern Life....or is it?? Come and fall deeper down the "Little people's" Hole. See How far it goes...
(Take The Green Pill)

Spingola Speaks 2015.06.27

Keith Johnson returns to talk about the many popular Sandy Hook myths widely disseminated within the "alternative" media

Let the festivities begin!

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