June 28, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.06.27

Keith Johnson returns to talk about the many popular Sandy Hook myths widely disseminated within the "alternative" media

Let the festivities begin!

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zapoper said...

I'm sick of you people telling me how to think. You guys are as bad as the MSM is if not worst.


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Zap, I will assume that you are realizing that Keith Johnson is a disinfo agent right? Evidence is piling up that Halbig is on the right track and Spingola as we all have said is out of her mind.

Maasanova said...

Ms. Spingola stated in "article of faith #12," @ 36min13sec that police never hold active shooter drills in elementary schools with students present.

No offense Deanna, but...

Westover Police Hold Active Shooter Drill at Elementary School
Posted: Apr 22, 2013 4:20 PM CST


"Westover Police Chief Rick Panico held a drill with teachers and students earlier this month."

Anonymous said...

Talmudistic Jewish murderers and liars are in power and these fanatic debunkers are demanding peopke to shut up. I'm going to speak out my opinions and thoughts on the very same day when this kind of shit happens. And after six weeks too. Although some high priests of the truth movement would want me to believe official annoucements and the atuthoroties.

Max Smart said...


Someone with an AXE to GRIND? Yes.

She just doesn't get it, does she?

We know the TRUTH; you are wasting your TIME.

It is both amusing and sad that a person of reasonable intelligence has sunk to such lows. Tragically, MCP blotted his otherwise near-pristine copybook by himself sinking to such depths. By doing what she's doing, she is reminding us of this very sad state of affairs. And to that I would say: MCP does not need this as one of his final legacies. And unfortunately, he can never now take it back. Do him some JUSTICE.

larry said...

Really?!!!! After we proved to you this idiot was harassing innocent women? Are you serious? Do you need us to give you more proof? Wow you have really shown your true colors. You are an unabashed disinformation agent.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Ok Larry I am sure I will regret asking but I just want to know what you are talking about. What women where were harassed?

Unknown said...

There is not proof that Keith Johnson is "disinfo". Much respect to Deanna and Keith for trying to keep the lunatic hoaxers honest.

Unknown said...

Prescription drugs and a crippled and demoralized jew run society isn't enough for kids to flip. No whole towns are in on conspiracies to take our guns.


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

I swore to myself I wouldnt comment in here... but I cant take it any longer.

Flowers and Peaches ... you say there is no proof that Keith is disinfo. Your statement of lack of proof is no proof that he isn't. I have no idea what this Keith clown has for motivation. I can only surmise. But what exists is a growing mountain of detailed information that Sandy Hook is screwy and there is plenty of room for motive behind the evidence. The official story has to be bogus. The school was not operational. It was out of code. It was toxic waste dump. It is missing evidence of being a live school. Ambulance drivers were stopped at the Firehouse...No one called the hello rescue with a flight surgeon who was ~15 minutes away… Life time gag orders by school demolition workers...modification of laws prior the incident ... the town was in financial stress… history of drills … lies about the quality of the school which looked like a garbage pile… and that freaky ass sign "everyone must check in!" ...everyone walking around with color-coded DHS lanyards on ...stuff showing up a day early... who the heck ordered the porta potties? and on and on and on ... Spingola continues because people just get tired of saying the same things to people with their hands over their eyes. Zap posts her crap because not everything she preaches is an absolute out and out lie and he probably doesn’t want to listen to all the whining and moaning. Basically Spingola serves fresh ice cream with her shit. The only problem is that if you mix ice cream and shit you get shit flavored ice cream.

For you to trust the official story because you cannot perceive how a whole town could be in on it? How exactly does that compare with the fact that our entire congress is in on screwing the American people over... bought off ... and in the pockets of those with the MONEY. Your inability to perceive the bigger picture is due to a lack of general knowldege and also is probably because you watched the boob tube and saw someone shed a tear over non-existent children and now you are emotionally invested. You are taking an EMOTIONAL STANCE which horribly devoid of logic. I will say it now and I will say it proudly: I don’t give a rat’s ass about the parents of these supposed dead children. They are lying sacks of crap and should burn in hell. And you are foolish to believe them. Everyone of those caskets were closed save one with a rag on the face. No one even knows how they transported them. They certainly didnt send them to the hospital first to be declared dead which is standard protocol. The hospitals in the area were drumming their fingers waiting. We still have no answer as to why they never called the helicopters. The only answer we got was they didnt have room to land. I guess you guys have never seen these people in action. Over 20 children they would have landed if the fireman had had to chop trees down. The helio team stated that they didnt know why they didnt call.

Now we have video evidence that Homeland Security was there and put in that freaky sign! Deny that Spingola you whiny sack of pus.

Unknown said...

Bravo, The_Mad_Subtitler!

Everyone should read, and re-read your post.

You might check out the folks at:


You'll find compatriots and a very intelligent group over there.

zapoper said...

@ The_Mad_Subtitler. Thanks for posting your views and by the way, that's kind of a good guess on your part as to why I post Deanna. Most of the RBN shows that she does and that I post are about vaccines and big pharma which is good for newbies mostly.

Unknown said...

Mad Subtitler: reading your last post made me snore. Deanna and Keith have already debunked everything you posted. I would suggest you re-listen to their files as its obvious you haven't been listening or have selective learning Mad Subtitler. Calling Deanna a 'sack of pus' and the other ad hom attacks are completely emo and you are a hypocrite.

SmashEvil said...

The facts and rationality are on the side of Deanna and Keith. Thanks for their courage and integrity. It is one thing to say that there are some discrepancies in the official SH story, it is another thing to create a fantastic story that no one died; all was video fakery with crisis actors; SH never happened !

I agree with you Flowers Peaches.

SmashEvil said...

Sandy Hoaxers have lost their common sense !

Unknown said...

You stupid fucks actually think you can prove sandy hook nose gun grab was a hoax? Would it actually get any traction in a Jew court of law?

Then your wasting your time , 9/11 never got its day in court so what remedy is there with sandy hook nose?

Answer: who gives a fuck what happened at sandy hook nose. It's a big distraction from the scumbag Jews that are bringing our society down the rabbi hole.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

uh oh!
glen beck busted

glen beck "debunks" sandy hook conspiracy

just another coincidence

sandy hook 911 call fakers busted!

anyone want to go on the record publicly and debunk that it is in fact jackie barden and carlee soto we hear on the 911 calls? , deanna? keith? anyone ?

BillyBob said...

Deanna Spingola stands as one of the most "Honest" Researchers of her day! She never posts "her opinion" - She only states facts, that she proves with source documentation! Like MCP every one of her claims - includes footnotes that document why She stated anything! Deanna is one of a dying breed! If You disagree with Her - Prove Her sources to be "wrong" - Don't attack the Messenger!

rodin said...

I'm with Mad

Unknown said...

Alex jewwy Jones is a hoaxer...Doh!


Unknown said...

Sadly these apparent Cass Sunstein agents are out to destroy her because she disagrees with this one thing.

zapoper said...

Not everyone who thinks that Sandy Hook is a hoax is a Cass Sunstein agent. LOL

Unknown said...

How can anyone forget Gene Rosen? Sandy Hook was a planned event. Everyone is just fighting over the details. We shouldn't be distracted in ways that take the focus off of the jews. Discussing Sandy Hook is fine as long as you remember all the jews involved and why jews would want to do something like this. We will see more of these events until the jews get their way. This is what they do.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Wolfgang Halbig & Aaron Wilson on June 22, 2015

At minute 45: Wolfgang says he is working with Russia Today and says they may do a big story. If this happens this is going to be really big. Wouldn't that kick the lid off the White House trash can.

Don't hold your breath.

Unknown said...

"Not everyone who thinks that Sandy Hook is a hoax is a Cass Sunstein agent. LOL"

I agree, shouldn't have generalized but its as bad as those who say if you don't believe it was a hoax you are a shill or whatever.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Ok help me out here Flowers Peaches ... Seriously I am trying to understand this. Because this just keeps bouncing around in my brain.

1) Cass Sunstein is one of Obama's Czars. (Check)

2) Sunstein is implementing some kind of program of “cognitive infiltration” where they are paying little Israeli monkeys to mess with us, muddy the water, and scramble our brains out here on the internet. (Check)(Check)(Check) In fact that seems to be a hard reality. lol

3) AND I am supposed to be working for Sustein because I am saying that Spingola and MCP have lost their minds. Because I am saying the government is trying to take our guns by creating fake school shootings. Uh huh...

Flowers Peaches I quote you: "Sadly these apparent Cass Sunstein agents are out to destroy her because she disagrees with this one thing."

I am sorry you lost me there with that one. Why would one of Obama's Czars Sustein want people to realize the government is raping over the American people? And pay me to do that? But hey who am I to judge? This all sounds awesome to me. I am going to get a pay check now! Saaaweet! Up to this point I was thinking they wanted to kinda keep their blatant agenda under wraps.

If anything I would say that it was MCP and Spingola who were/are the one working for Cass Sustein there Flowers Peaches. But If they are paying her for this insanity we are not getting our tax dollars worth. lol But hey she is the most honest sincere person you know right?

Unknown said...

"If anything I would say that it was MCP and Spingola who were/are the one working for Cass Sustein there Flowers Peaches. But If they are paying her for this insanity we are not getting our tax dollars worth. lol But hey she is the most honest sincere person you know right?"

This is the type of comment that is PRECISELY why I believe you are a Cass Sunstein agent. MCP and Spingola are agents? It's this viciousness that casts suspicion on you! Either that or you are one very piss poor judge of character. And ffs I happen to believe in part this very topic was what caused MCP his heart attack. No doubt about it in my mind.

Yes, I truly believe that Deanna is one of the most honest and sincere people I have ever listened to in this truth movement. There I said it for the record and I feel no shame for doing so.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Nice I come back with a logical question backing my position and you come back with FEELINGS! This is the same thing all of you illogical people do. Let's all sing the song ...Feelings... nothing but feelings...

I had a guy who OWNS A MINE here in Florida tell me when referring to Sandy Hook, "They would never use children!" As if the magic people in the TV box were real. He's none too smart. I told him that they run pedafile rings in Britain just to manipulate the politicians. He didn't even know who that sick freak Jimmy Savile was. His problem is a lack of knowledge, a low IQ, ignorance, and a willingness to distort reality to maintain his world perspective. Is this also your issue?

Your next problem is EGO. Which makes sense since you are padding along behind MCP. Yes MCP had his heart attack. Thats cute you are trying to blame me for that. Are all the imaginary villians in your head omnipotent? MCP was a failing physically weak man on his way out, and he went down fighting. That is admirable except that he was running on FEELINGS and not facts, kinda like YOU. Take a look at the insane emails he sent to Fetzer because Fetzer blew him out of the water with facts. MCP became so blinded by rage he no longer cared whether he was right or not. He just wanted to win the fight. Kinda like you.

Now one more time! EXPLAIN TO ME WHY CASS SUSTEIN WOULD WANT ME TO TELL EVERYONE THE GOVERNEMENT OF THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND IS IN THE PROCESS OF TAKING YOUR GUNS! Explain it! Give me a reason that doesnt involve your inconsequential feelings and ego, miss factless wall flower. But I know you won't; you will just come back with something else that makes that hole you dug for yourself just a little deeper.

Clack! Clack! Thats it! I am grabbing the big gun and going vicious. You are are as illogical as a flat-earther! There I have said it, the ultimate insult. That should leave you blasted into a crumpled heap of smoking debris! Bwahahahahahahah!

Unknown said...

Why I am suspicious about Sandy Hook.

First off, I hear about it somewhere on the 'net (I don't have TV), and, they say a lone gunman goes to an elementary school and shoots up a whole lot of children and a couple of teachers. WHAT? The story itself sounds weird, so, we the listeners need some answers here because that just doesn't add up. Well, we get a photo of this lone "gunman" and we see a wimpy teenager who is probably not up even to a fist fight, but, somehow, he performs like a seasoned jungle fighter going from room to room gunning down children and teachers. Already, that is starting to sound like bad fiction.

Have you ever fired a pistol? At tin cans, or at a range. You get overwhelmed with the power you hold in your hands, and, without a lot of practice, you probably aren't going to be very effective and might even shoot yourself. The super-loud "crack" of the firing is enough to make your ears ring, with just ONE shot, and, by the time you've fired three or more, you can hardly hear what is going on around you - and YOU GET DISORIENTED!

So when did this wimpy teenager practice? Where? Did he wear ear-muffs? How did he get nerves of steel to be able to start gunning down targets (children/teachers) and proceed with a warrior like approach?

His training is a great big giant hole in this whole story.

And then they show that same clip with a teacher and kids following all holding on to the one ahead - the same clip over and over. That smacks of a per-arranged clip for the benefit of any viewer who watches too much TV - gotta' show the sheep something to hone in on!

For me, the icing on the cake is that idiot actor who claims to be a mortician - what a phony! The fat slob acts like this is his one chance at the limelight, so he'd better do something memorable (like a misplaced chuckle over so many dead bodies).

And then the joker who realizes he's about to be on TV and needs to gin up some tears right away (not realizing he's already been filmed laughing it up like an actor about to go on front and center).

So much more - why the cold shoulder to Halbig who just wanted to investigate, calmly and appropriately?

Too many legitimate questions for the "true believers" to just dismiss all as if those wondering about it must be nut-cases who are insensitive to the tragedy of the survivors. And how about the "boy who died twice"? I haven't heard a peep out of his "parents" (so-claimed) since he was reported to have died two years later in Pakistan - wha....?

Now I wouldn't dare suggest I can take my suspicions into court - no way. But I can suggest that those of you who refuse to at least recognize a fair cause for doubts are just watching too much TV (or swallowing any tale that involves "the childreens") and have lost your sense of perspective about how things happen in the REAL WORLD.

Forget about the personalities (Spingola, Collins, etc.) and try to balance a poor fiction against real world events - see if you don't have at least a teeny bit of doubts about this Sandy Hook "event". You don't have to get all the answers as to motives and results and all that - just does the story, as told, sound like something that might happen for real in your own back yard?

For it to be true and believable, they got a whole lot of 'splaining to do. And of course, they didn't take their case into court, either. And they ain't explaining nothing to nobody! Huh?