February 03, 2016

War and the Destruction of Social Infrastructure in America

As the water crisis in Flint, Michigan continues to occupy national headlines in the United States, scientists and environmental officials have revealed a dirty secret of American life: the poisoning of drinking water with toxic chemicals is not unique to Flint, Michigan, but takes place all over the country. 

 Counties in Louisiana and Texas, as well as the cities of Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts all reported that substantial numbers of children have been exposed to elevated lead levels, largely through municipal drinking water. 

 This week, the head environmental regulator in the state of Ohio called national water regulations “broken,” saying that they dramatically understate the true scale of lead poisoning in American cities. As Virginia Tech researcher Marc Edwards put it, “Because of the smoke-and-mirrors testing, Flint is meeting the standard even as national guardsmen walk the street.”...

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UK scientists get approval to genetically modify human embryos

It's A Nightmare-Future,To be Sure, To be Sure!
UK scientists have been granted permission by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos under strict conditions. Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London hope that their gene-editing experiments will provide a deeper understanding of the earliest moments of human life and could provide insight into the problems that can cause miscarriage. The research, which will be led by Dr Kathy Niakan, will examine the first seven days after fertilisation, during which a single cell multiplies to around 250 cells.
*Translation:- Welcome To The Island of Dr Moreau...err Cameron. Expect Hybrids and Chimeras in Our Future as Science continues to meddle in areas of Human Biology It has no real understanding of.*

I've Looked Into Flat Earth: What I found...

For info or entertainment, your choice.... The Veracity Sector

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Super Bowl 50 Warning vs. ScareWolves of London (McFly Code 9)

As above so below. There's going to be two nine elevens and two seven sevens it seems. USA lost two towers and London got hit underground. Time for a swap meet. DOUBLE WHAMMY

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Flat Earth End Game

There very well could be a flat earth, but nevertheless it has become a spindoctored psyops with its own agenda. Here is where I think it is all headed to. This is the end Game coming soon.

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