May 12, 2019

Audition de Monsieur CASTANER, ministre de l'intérieur.

New version of Anne Frank’s diary claimed to be her original intended work

No Agenda Episode 1137 - "Contempt Kabuki" - 2019.05.12


Dancing Israelis Photos Analysis w/ Ryan Dawson

Interview with a Courtown Local.

Imperial Decay *

Financial Crisis Looming - Paul Craig Roberts

Porn: another Jewish golem...

I have some differences with Mark, but this is just ridiculous 

Israeli-American Professor Judea Pearl Given Award for Courage

Judea Pearl, father of the late journalist Daniel Pearl, who was murdered by Islamic terrorists in 2002 while on assignment in Pakistan, is receiving CAMERA’s inaugural Ometz Award for courage.

Pearl said that his life experience and the rise of “Zionophobic” racism in academia had made it “necessary” for him to take a stand.

Your Saturday Cartoons 2019.05.11

Pawns in the game

The memory that we are actual individuals
is slowly disappearing from our consciousness,
and we can’t decide whether we like it or not.

You should never ask why one country makes war on another. It is because the people who run societies actually want war. It verifies their conviction that they are in control. This is especially true since the establishment of central banks in the late 19th century, when war became mandatory to maintain the standing armies that central banks insisted be created to defend them. Which meant that countries had to go to war just to support the banks they had created.

Sue Black Catches Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands

The Hazard Circular


In July, 1862, the Bank of England (which was, and still is, dominated by the Rothschild family) issued the notorious Hazard Circular, which was judiciously circulated among the banking interests of America. It said:

Soap Operas that Wash Your Mind