May 12, 2019

I have some differences with Mark, but this is just ridiculous 


RickB said...

Hope Glenn gets back up online to defend Trump's ultimate peace deal as somehow reining in Israel and good for Palestinians. That should be as good as his defending the truth movement from Sandy Hook hoaxers.

Amanda said...

Mark Glenn is not the only one who is gone (and by the way, I stop paying attention to him when he supported the official narrative on Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing and all the other OBVIOUS HOAXES.

I was over at zerohedge this morning and they had this story abvout ebola So, I went to look up Jon Rappoport's blog, since he had written a number of articles on the whole ebola issue as being nothing but a fear mongering hoax and it looks like they just took him down too:

He's not the only one calling it out as a hoax:

I'm pretty sure I saw a video once with Dr. Suzanne Humphries who was questioning whether all the MSM attention to scaring us with stories about ebola was just to prime the population to want a vaccine for it.

Some other sites have picked up some of Rappoport's writings on ebola here:

Looks like he talked about it on Red Ice radio here:

Og said...

yep 2014 Amanda