July 28, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.07.28

Guest: Mark Ceylon

Mark was one of the rooftop protesters at Tom Crawford's home last weekend and explains in detail his experience.

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Disproving the main Flat Earth Model


David Duke Show 2015.07.28

Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. They discussed the hypocrisy of slandering the white race as slave owners while ignoring the institution in most other societies around the world throughout history, and in particular the Jewish leading role in the slave trade. This is because the Zio media sees it as being in Jewish tribal interests to incite racial animosity against white Europeans.
Then they went on to a conversation about the erroneous theology of Christian Zionism, presenting clear evidence that the covenant of the New Testament, which is open to all peoples of the Earth, supersedes the Old Testament covenant with the Jews. Pastor Dankof noted that so many Christians are concerned about the collapse of morality in society but are oblivious to the leading Jewish role in promoting drug use, pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, and obscenity, and in fact are making things worse by their support of the Jews and of Israel.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.07.28

Find out just how powerful and fraudulent the UN really is

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Turkey Calls Emergency NATO Meeting; 'No-Fly Zone' On The Horizon?

It was also reported in April that the Turks, Saudis, and Qataris, were in high level talks regarding a plan to invade Syria in the relatively near future.
Ironically, the crisis in Syria – in particular, the issue surrounding the Turkish-Syrian border – was largely the fault of Turkey itself as it helped train and funnel terrorists from inside its borders into Syria.
Regardless, it should be remembered that a “buffer zone” and/or a “no-fly zone,” of course, is tantamount to war and an open military assault against the sovereign secular government of Syria since the implementation of such a zone would require airstrikes against Assad’s air defense systems.
With the establishment of this “buffer zone,” a new staging ground will be opened that allows terrorists such as ISIS and others the ability to conduct attacks even deeper inside Syria.
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The Jewish Role in U.S. Immigration Law

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*Internet anti-Semitism a ‘mortal danger,’ says Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov
*Organized Jewry concerned about rising "anti-Semitism"
*"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

The Debate - Turkey's policy shift


Radio Wehrwolf - The Rizoli Brothers 7/27/2015

Dion interviews Jim and Joe Rizoli. They discuss the systemic attacks on free speech, Illegal Immigration, Jewish control, the Hollowedco$t, and more.      http://ccfiile.com/

Uncensored, hard hitting commentary and historical perspective on the current events affecting the U.S. and Western civilization. Dion@radiowehrwolf.com
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Trump's Got A Trump Card


Spingola and Friends 7/27/2015

Deanna talks about Sandy Hook and the Damage Control Operation, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission and other related topics. Visit Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes and Screening Sandy Hook.
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*The Holocaust Mega-post
*Adolf Hitler Mega-post
*9/11 Mega-post
The New Babylon - PDF
Who Controls America?


Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.07.27

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Hesham Tillawi PhD - Mideast Insanity

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Dr. Richard Alan MiIller PhD - GeoEngineering Poisoning

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford - Fukushima Radiation Killing West Coast

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