May 11, 2021

How to Stop Your Doctor From Killing You - Vernon Coleman, Harry Vox, JP & Company

How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You
Vernon Coleman
Covid-19 Virology Fraud Explained In 19 Minutes by Spacebusters
Message From Dr. Michael Yeadon on the Quaccine Passports
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Bill Gates' Pedophile Question The Key to Understanding The JEWISH VIRUS!
Harry Vox - Unsafe Space
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What You Need To Know About


A Week in News
JP Sears, News Anchorman

Perry The Parrot, feeling fine one year after the jab

Amanda wrote:

Please read and share this everywhere:

Message from Dr. Michael Yeadon on the vaccine passports:

* Suggested by Amanda *

Welcome to the jungle!

1 Year After Taking The Jab

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Genetically engineered mosquitoes are here... what's the worst that could happen!?

"They are going full sci-fi horror right now..."

 Is Bill Gates Rounding Up Vaccinator Mosquitoes?

Awake But Not Woke JP

By Dr. Voltman
Brilliant  - clear, concice & coherent  :)  100%

When will people realize that it's NOT the Chinese, It's NOT BLM, Antifa, Illegals, compromised Nazi cops; it's NOT Big Pharma & the tyrannical medical employees forcing the deadly depopulation injection on innocent people. It's the synagogue of Satan! The evil global cabal of demonic Jews who fund, sponsor and pay these terrorists to inflict as much damage as possible. The Jew World Order out to destroy the God fearing, Family loving, Humanity caring, Country respecting, Law abiding
good masses! Their mission is to kill all Goyim because they know they're going down. Almighty God Yahweh can't get here soon enough to rid the world of these heinous demonic pharisee Zionists.

The Key to Understanding The JEWISH VIRUS!
Harry Vox - Unsafe Space

* Suggested by Albert *

Details have emerged that point to Bill Gates' secretive relationship with the Jeffery Epstein Child Sex bribery network as being central to the Jewish controlled deep state's control of Gates for purpose of using his money and influence to pull off a global genocide of non Jewish human beings. All financial crimes and asset stripping operations underway support this thesis. It is most likely that Gates is part of a massive blackmail operation bu Israeli Mossad to kill off western populations and transfer its assets into the waiting hands of the Jewish hedge funds, bankers and asset managers drooling over their easy global takeover. But not so fast there Jewish bankers, your narrative is weak and only works with the idiotic soccer moms who watch too much TV, the rest of us are ready to fight and fight we will!

Club Ped
This girl, known to have her head in the sand, turned into Ostrich Girl, after her jab.
She still identifies as a girl and wants to participate in Women's Olympic Races.

Perfect Bug Out Vehicle!

 Do Not Disturb


Zeebra said...

This was behind WWebb's paywall for its first week, then made free @ Ice Age Farmer's YidTube ch:

Whitney Webb: AI and the War on Agriculture with Christian Westbrook (Unlimited Hangout Podcast)

May 6, 2021
Ice Age Farmer
65 mins

Whitney Webb's Unlimited Hangout Podcast, episode 14 [April 28, 2021]: In this episode, Whitney is joined by Christian Westbrook of the Ice Age Farmer broadcast to discuss the underreported yet massive supply chain crisis and how the Davos elite plan to capitalize on that chaos to usher in AI-driven supply chains, especially as it relates agriculture.

Zeebra said...

Fetzer posted this at his BC ch today, 58m:

Jim Fetzer
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! The brilliant and visionary Dr. Tom Cowan explains the just-completed study by Dr. Stefan Lanka which shows the orthodox methodology of isolating disease-causing viruses (and the field of modern virology in general) to be an Emperor with No Clothes. Shocking and enlightening, these doctors (and others) are exposing one of the greatest misconceptions in the medical field and "the germ theory" that we've spent our entire lives believing. Explanation of the study by Stefan Lanka just takes the first 34 minutes.


^ I don't know about anyone else but I find the "virus theory vs terrain theory" a big distraction, & WEDGE issue dividing the collective energy of RONA/Kill-Shot skeptics.

Reminds of 911 Truth's "Boeing did/didn't hit the pentagon" or "Nano-thermite/mini-nukes/energy-weapons brought down WTCs" or "Real planes vs no planes/CGI at WTC".

I vote, ignore the "viruses don't exist" question, & direct all that same energy you're being baited into devoting to that 'debate' -- direct it instead towards spreading the word re the danger of the bioweapon jabs.

I only link to Fetzer's repost of that vid, to make the point that it's a futile wedge issue. Cohencidentally, Fetzer also took the hard core "no planes (CGI) @ WTC" view when 911-Truth was still in play, & he spent countless podcast hours banging that drum.

Amanda said...

Great post!! Thanks so much for compiling all of this info. I totally disagree with Zeebra and greatly appreciate the shows that expose the fraud of germ theory and virology--it's high time and it should have happened during the HIV/AIDS hoax. It people woke up to the scam of virology back then, they wouldn't have been able to pull off this covid hoax.

IMO, it's imperative that people wake up to the fraud of germ theory and virology (including the HIV scam, polio being caused by DDT, Zika being use to cover for experimental vaccines given to pregnant women) because these virus psyops are what they plan to use to enslave us. And I'm sure they are not going to stop with Covid. I would not be surprised if they tell us Ebola is here someday (even Dr. Suzanne Humphries thought the talk about Ebola outbreaks in Africa back in 2014 was just a PR stunt for big-pharma--the staged that fakery overseas and the whores in Congress probably gave hundreds of millions to pharma to work on a vaccine for that fraud).

And even if humanity wasn't being taken down with Covid, I would still think it was extremely important to expose the fraud of germ theory and virology because it's the basis for the ramped up vaccine schedule that is causing an epidemic of autism, which in my mind close to murder because you are stealing that person's chance at a life. They have basically been using these viruses as cover for mass murder and they have been getting away with it for decades.

Though the "who" was behind 9/11 was the most important part of 9/11 research, I never thought the research into how the towers were taken down was a distraction. IMO, we need to study these deception operations, so we learn their tricks and don't get fooled again. I thought Simon Shack's September Clues was really important, in terms of looking at the video fakery angle.