August 29, 2013

AFP Radio Network 8/26/2013

Mark Anderson welcomes noted independent scholar and revisionist historian Michael Hoffman on the weekly show "Beyond Exposure," to discuss usury, including its sordid history and the way it brings ruin to peoples and nations. This is contrasted with how well non-usurious societies functioned without the scourge of money that bears interest upon its creation. Some monetary reform measures are noted to complete the discussion, including bold moves in Iceland and Hungary to try and send the "banksters" packing and reinvigorate their economies with peace and prosperity.        Show-page

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Anonymous said...

This was an excellent show.Mr. Hoffman shows that the Catholic Church abandoned its defined infallible dogma on usury at beginning of Renaissance in I guess about mid 1500s. Also the Church became involved with Rothschild banking disgustingness and sent me this info from his book...

Shortly after Pope Pius VIII ruled that usurers did not have to confess their mortal sin and could be usurers and be "undisturbed" we find the following:

“In 1832 the Rothschild bank of Paris had extended a loan to keep the papacy afloat... In July 1849...the pope (Pius IX) cast lines anew to the Rothschild bank...In January 1850 Rothschild approved a loan of 50 million francs...In 1857 (Vatican Secretary of State Giacomo) Antonelli used Peter’s Pence as collateral in negotiating a new loan with Rothschild.”

quoted from Usury in Christendom by Michael Hoffman, p. 265

Michael Hoffman


Biography and bibliography:

The Catholic Church is the one true Church but it has almost destroyed from within by guess who.

Viper said...

Thanks, WHOOLIE.