November 21, 2015

Fred Leuchter Interview with Jim Rizoli
*The Holocaust Mega-post


Unknown said...

why do we have to listen and watch replys here? slow news day? wtf

Anonymous said...

Some notes I made on the first hour of the interview:

20m - said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz
22m - said they said he wasn’t an expert on crematoriums, so his report on that couldn’t be read into the record
23m - crematory expert read Leuchter’s report into the record
25m - some people conspiring in Germany to bring him back there for charges of defaming the dead
28m - they wanted to charge him - admitted they didn’t have a warrant
- he said they were interfering with an officer of the court
- they put a gun in his face and took him away
33m - judge asked him if he’s got a problem with what they’re doing
37m - told the Jewish mafia had a contract killing on him
40m - refused to put on prison clothes — allowed to wear his regular clothes
41m - waiting with a spear in the cell to protect himself - went on for over a month
42m - prison inspection, and they knew why he had a weapon - spent most of his time in solitary confinement
43m - sent him to shower with skinheads
44m - warned he would be deported if he ever went to England
50m - questioned him with good cop bad cop routine
51m - supervisor let him go because the laws were violated in detaining him
53m - said if he went to Germany today, he’d be arrested
55m - he starts reading from his report