Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blast from the past: Iconocunt picks on a cripple

This is a recording of me and Iconocunt from back in 2011, and in it Iconocunt makes fun of me being disabled and tries to make me sound like a UFO kook. 

NOTE: Me and Iconocunt was having it out in's  chatbox and he dared me to come on his show.

He cut 80% of what had to say out of the audio because I exposed his bullshit, and he eventually deleted the show from his talkshoe account because he knew it made him look bad

Iconoclast Radio Talkshoe



Papa Doc John said...
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Papa Doc John said...

What happened to Icono? Troof rasta went finally back to Caribean? Thats pretty sad because once the did pretty good job exposing Jew Eff Oo nonsense when Alex Jones cult was at full swing and other paranoia shit peddlers although he later went on a total chimpout because noone cared to donate for improving his crappy audio talkshoe broadcasts.

Troofers dont have any money, silly boy, you need jewish sponsors for making quality shows