July 27, 2014

Neo-con zionist Israel lover, Sean Hannity, gets taken to the woodshed over Palestine

***Listen to the audio podcast here***

*Some very important information for Sean


Scott said...

Great stuff from Ry. Hannity is just a possessed christian zionist following another corrupt jew religion.

Here are the pyschopath rat-faced kikes celebrating again representing the spirit of their old testament god:


Anonymous said...

Seriously? You deleted my previous comment?

Did I offend a Dawson sycophant or what?

foon1e said...

Invective filled rage attacks on peoples mothers will not be tolerated on this blog. Think about what you typed, then moderate your language in future.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, like all the others who "moderate their language" here.


Ry gots a fan.

Good on Foon1e

(This will be my last comment on this blog.)

foon1e said...

Ta ta Then "buelahman" - we hardly knew ye.