April 28, 2014

Mike Sledge Radio 2014.04.26

The Best Of Mike Sledge

Join Sledge Radio tonight for a best of broadcast. Be There!! There will be music, comedy and hard hitting research all put together just for you, the listener. Be there!!!

Sledge Radio



1776blues said...

Should I bring my own booze to listen to the drunk who once mocked Spingola with Miss Piggy's voice?

While his sober shows on history are good it seems he hasn't done one of those in some time now. I won't listen to him anymore even if he may have gone back to his historical shows. I still recall his Oracle days prior to his awakening to the real WWII history.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Not worth listening to his gibberish anymore. He is doing comedy now anyways. He is a clown according to his own show description.