April 28, 2014

jewish Owner of the Clippers to Girlfriend: Don't Bring Black People to My Games (Audio)

L.A. Clippers jewish owner Donald Tokowitz Sterling told his girlfriend that he does NOT want her bringing black people to his games ... including Magic Johnson ... and it's ALL on tape.


Christopher Marlowe said...

This is all very odd. Is it a psy-op? If not, this Stirling fellow sounds like he is bat-sh*t crazy. He's so easily wounded. He is a regular hot-house flower. Seems like the GF recorded this. Why? Did she sense that the end was near?

It doesn't make sense. Are we to believe that Stirling didn't know that his GF was mixed race? How can you ask someone who is black and Mexican not to hang around/post pics of black people? That would be cutting out half of her family.

This whole thing sounds so crazy, it makes me think it is some sort of psy-op. Of course, the first reaction, from Magic Johnson (frontman for the Jewish consortium that bought the LA Dodgers for BILLIONS) is that Stirling should have to sell the Clippers. So if someone records you saying something politically incorrect in your private convo, then you should not be allowed to own certain property. Are we living in the retarded version of the soviet state?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

"You can sleep with them. You can bring them in. You can do whatever you want with them. Just don't bring them to my games."

This guy just gets worse and worse....

The whole thing sounds like a set up to be honest. She does sound a tad scripted. However his responses are real and that is just plain nasty.

Nasty. Nasty. NASTY!

1776blues said...

Christopher, she was sued by Sterling's wife on behalf of the Sterling family estate for embezzlement and vowed to get even.

Add to that, she more likely recorded her lover illegally. In California you need consent of the party you are recording.

Plus, the racist part is too funny as she the girlfriend is half black and half mexican.

Now she says she won't cooperate with the NBA's investigation; http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/26/donald-sterling-nba-investigation-v-stiviano-racist-audio-clippers/

This has Sterling's fellow Jews pissed at him about his Israel comments

jankyj said...

I still don't see how he can be seen as a racist? He's dating a mix, employs plenty of blacks. Say's she can do what she wants with them, just don't bring them to my box seats, big deal..

His team and other self appointed black authorities, crying racism, I bet they wont quit the team.

Mat Kemp of the Dodgers, says, who cares, it's his opinion. He is right.

Are we not allowed opinions anymore?

He must have pissed somebody off in the tribe. Another tribesman with more power must want the clippers and he wont sell.

Anonymous said...

How many of you "pontificators" have even LISTENED to this???!!! This guy said what we have been needing for one of "them" to say for so long, and when this guy says what the vast majority absolutely believe and say privately!!!, you people then say that this has to be scripted, or fake, or some kind of "psy-op"!!!

You people are really something else, do you know that? Since you may have "missed" the most important parts, here it is:


"You go to israel, the Black jews are treated like dogs." "These people should be grateful for me. I give them the money to buy their food, their clothes, their houses"...

"This is just the way life is" "I don't want it to change".




NB: You people have been so fucking caught-up amongst yourselves that you have, APPARENTLY, lost the ability to recognize a diamond when it falls into your hands. This piece-of-shit's admissions are some of the most damning and revelatory, EVER, and I am grateful that his mistress recorded all of this for the human-race to hear.


1776blues said...

Lindsey, how many of the masses are seeing this man as a Jew? Not many from the comments I've read. They see him as a white racist.

This is no diamond in the rough unless people like us see him for who he really is; a racist Jew with double standards. And the Jew media will not expose him either.

But that aside, his conversation was private and illegally recorded.

Pointing your finger while chastising us is so uncool and uncalled for and doing so as if you are some freaking top dog in the toof movement. I'm yanking your leash; down boy!!!!

Shabigus said...

Wow. He is imprisoned within the politically correctness of the Talmud. What he didn't say is that he is successful because he is part of the "club" or "tribe" and if he is perceived as embracing the multicultural agenda in his personal life, the agenda set out for the goy, he will be kicked out of the club. LOL

Unknown said...

The rat faced Kike is hiding behind a white mans name. The tooth movement needs to expose this hook nose for being a degenerate jew.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, Mr. Blues, but I have been talking with A LOT of people today, and explaining to them the SIGNIFICANCE of this incident--that this supremacist jew showed-his-true-colors, and said A LOT of things that are never, ever said to the public's ears, and this is a very, very big deal.

Also, people DO know that he is a jew, but are, UN-FORTUNATELY, so fucking brain-washed by the oxymoron Christian-zionism that they just do not seem to understand that this is how the vast majority of jews think, personally and privately, and even Brother Kapner revealed this, as he revealed so many things, despite how I feel about him, personally.

Anyway, I am very grateful to the "alleged" gold-digger for what she got him to say, and THAT is all about which I care--NOT WHO SHE IS, NOT HER MOTIVES, NOT ANYTHING ELSE, but what is revealed on that tape.



Anonymous said...

I apologize for being so "snappy" and/or "sassy", but as I said, I have talked to A LOT of very literally ignorant people today about this, and it really put me in a bad humor.


NB: Far too many are now falling for the cabal-controlled-media's ATTACKS ON THE WOMAN, and trying to distract from what the jew REVEALED, and/or trying to white-wash the importance of what was REVEALED as just him "talking-shit" or "blowing-off-steam".

FUCK THAT. This is NOT going to go-away, EVER, and this will be an incident that will be remember for-ever by the Black community, and they now can associate what IS happening and HAS HAPPENED with the creatures who have really done this shit to us, and not "evil Whitey", as far too many of them do.

zapoper said...

Unfortunately most people will listen to this and think that it's just another white man being a racist instead of what it really is.

A Jew being a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I DO agree with you, Mr. Zapoper, at least in-part. I have talked to some racist Blacks, who, upon even learning that Donald Sterling is really Donald TOKOWITZ, said that it doesn't matter because judaism is a religion, and not a race, and Whites are still a huge problem!!!

Can you fucking believe that?! Then, when confronted with the truth of slavery, and "the curse of Ham", there is nothing because it is ir-refutable!!!

Talking to racists, especially racist Blacks, is ALMOST a futile effort, but I STILL do have hope that if given enough information and evidence, these people will have to understand that we Whites are NOT "the chosen", despite how they have insulated/disguised themselves as us Whites.


zapoper said...

(with a NJ accent) Get the FUCK outta here!..........Zapoper

Christopher Marlowe said...

After Papa Lindsey spanked me, I went and listened again and heard the part about israel. The version I heard last night didn't have this included.

I'm sorry, Papa Lindsey! Please don't spank CM no more! I be good!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Marlowe, that was why I SPECIFICALLY included that YouTube-ADL link with all of that israHelli shit that TOKOWITZ, not "Sterling", was saying.

When all of this first "broke", NONE of this jew shit was mentioned or discussed, and that was by-design, of course. NOW, many, many people, especially Blacks, are aware of what ALL was said, so that is a very good thing.

The problem, of course, is that there are still SO DAMNED MANY racist Blacks who have such a huge chip-on-their-shoulders that they REFUSE to WANT to differentiate between us Whites, and the jews who disguise themselves as Whites, especially when it comes to the issue of slavery.

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Marlowe, for understanding my frustration, and for taking-the-time to listen to the relevant parts of that taped-conversation.


Unknown said...

i dont know the 1st video it sounds totally scripted, and in the one lindsey poseted the shoah is mentioned, so i am going to call bullshit ,just jews being jews, and doing what they do best race baiting and goading the goy into hating each other, how convenient ,she just had to bring up the holoco$t , oy veeeey

Unknown said...

Wow! Looks like Linthey went full retard on this post! :D