January 22, 2022




 Feral Bastards of Intimidation
and Fucking Bunch of Idiots
 God damn these less than useless piles of shit!!!

Mark of the Priest

 All Aboard the NWO Express

Gunning for Fauci


Albert said...

Latest Scorpio Show:


Albert said...

Wow! -- There is a Bishop Williamson YT Channel !!! :-o -- SUBSCRIBED !!! :-)


Albert said...

This 9 minutes of Harry Vox ... is possibly his BEST Yet! :-o


Albert said...

Hey Voltman ... WHY is THIS POST (I will REPOST it BELOW!) ... "Needing" to be DELETED?!

--> I thought that it was SHORTER and More FACT-Bases than most of My Posts!

Albert said...


RickB said...

Home from days at the VA over a heart condition. Oh and tested positive for Oh-my-cron so now I'm home self isolating and getting over it before progressing further with heart studies and solutions.

By God's provision my nurse was a Christian, unvaccinated and cognizant that the vaccine is a genocide plan. I'll attempt to lead her to see the jew. That's what I do. This nurse campaigned to keep me in the cardiac unit and not pushed into the COVID unit.

Since I have COVID, I was offered Remdesivir. Thank God I knew better to deny it. Otherwise, the only way out of the hospital would've been in a body bag.

For everyone's FYI: My nurse informed me that 83 hospital employees had Oh-my-cron, 73 of which were vaccinated.

@ Albert: I read your comment on Art Communitarian and absolutely loved it. You stuck a fork in that. Been wanting to express to you my appreciation for that all this time. Thanks bro. I appreciate that comment... and appreciate you. You're invaluable to this blog.

Voltman said...

Albert wrote:

"Hey Voltman ... WHY is THIS POST (I will REPOST it BELOW!) ... "Needing" to be DELETED?! --> I thought that it was SHORTER and More FACT-Bases than most of My Posts!"

I don't know.

I guess it was GaGAGoogle. There might be a keyword or something; I don't know.

If I delete something around here, you will know it's me and there will be a good reason for it, at least in my view. I would certainly expect an admin to at least indicate why the comment was deleted, or give a warning.


12/29/2021 -- Large M7.3 Earthquake strikes W. Pacific -- "It's that time of year" -EXPECT MORE SOON


Go to: 13:42

RickB said...

Oh, one more comment... on the latest Scorpio show: Dave Gahary??? DAVE GAHARY??????

Can't wait to hear from him again Giuseppe. We're living in end times and telling the truth and getting it out there should be pressing people, especially people that have had indications of their immortality like Dave must have had. He must be burning to set the USS Liberty story straight about it was an accident, not a setup false flag. Can't wait to hear that.

And Giuseppe, please ask him why the USS Liberty members have dropped their association with him. And ask him how his Liberty movie fundraising campaign is going, and when we should be looking for the movie.

Albert said...

Maybe it is the Mesirah Law ...

It is a pretty-Damning "indication": of the "antipathy" and Mitzvah-COMMANDED-Total-DESTRUCTION:

--> that the-"Tribe" HAVE towards: "non-jews" !!! :-o

Albert said...

"But it IS (((working))) !!! ..."

That FAT-Orange-(((TURD))) !!!

A con-sumate-(((Act-WHORE))) !!!

(paranormis.com have a way of saying it with Orange-Tranny etc. which I will have to TRY to MEMORIZE !!! ;-) )

"Naming" the jew ............ "Short-circuits" ..... ALL of this (((CRAP))) !!!

Go upto ANY: "Good"-jew .... and Remark: "Yes, That HoloCo$t Story is Ridiculous, isn't it?!"

--> And WATCH (((them))) REVEAL-(((themselves))) for (((who))) (((they))) REALLY (((are))) !!! :-o

Fish SWIM ... Birds FLY ... jews "LIE"-(MURDER Steal Kidnap "Groom" Corrupt POISON ... DESTROY) !!! :-o

At 13 in (((their))) Bar mitzvah ... a jew SWEARS to FOLLOW: ALL (((Laws))) "Mitzvahs"

Mesirah Law PROHIBITS ... under-Penalty-of-DEATH ... a jew from revealing the CRIMES of ANY other-jew ... to ANY: "non-jew" !!! :-o

"good" jews ....... are soooooo Genuinely-RARE ... that You can Practically COUNT them throughout-History on One-Hand, and Almost MEMORIZE: ALL of their NAMES !!!
(And they NO-LONGER even Consider-themselves to BE: jews, at-all!)

(The Latest BB9 explains HOW: Moshie-Schlomo at-the-corner-Deli [and Kosher-Butcher-(((guy)))!] .... is the MURDEROUS: "ENFORCER" ... of the Local-Branch ... of World-Wide-"Diaspora"-Global-CRIME-(((Mafias))) !!! :-o )