January 21, 2022

Canadian Truckers On Their Way To Dump Trudope


Canuckistanis Getting The Trudope Dump


Special Delivery for Jewstin Trudope

I Will NOT Comply!
The criminal Dictator Justin Trudeau will miss all the action when thousands of Truckers invade Ottawa on January 28, 2022 with no plans of leaving until the Government is dissolved and all Plandemic restrictions removed. Trudeau has plans to get away from Dodge at the exact time when things could heat up drastically in downtown Ottawa.

Will the army be called upon and will tanks be deployed on the streets as this dramatic situation unfolds or will it simply be just another peaceful rally that has little effect on anything.

Canadian Trucker Lee is back with Updates on what to expect.
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The Dirty Charter Secret
Shade Stone

Is the Charter hiding some important details? Should we even use the Charter?
Or would we be better off using the Bill of Rights?
Let's Go Trudope!
Let's Go To Common Law Court!
 True Statement Made By Criminal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau From 4 Years Ago Showing How He Plans To Destroy Canadian Society
Corruption was everywhere. The schooling system was changed back with Pierre Trudeau. This whole NWO has been in the planning since late 1950's to 1960's to roll it out. Through this process of time they put politicians, teachers, CEOs and doctors in place. Our Canadian universities have about 90% left leaning professors according to stats. That in itself will change the way anything is taught in the schooling system from public school to university.
These doctors were literally and completely indoctrinated. Pierre Trudeau was part of bringing all this to Canada. He was one very evil dude. His boys went through the satanic cult ritual at 12 years old. In 1974 a high profile person (sorry can't remember who - I do a lot research) remarked that Justin would be PM. Brother was sacrificed never found the body from avalanche which there wasn't much snow then even. Justin is holding a red hankerchief at the funeral as a symbol of sacrifice to the cabal for position of PM.
Mug Me Save Lives - Global Shitizen
Canada ordered 7 doses of covid vaccines for every man, woman and child


Noor al Haqiqa
Almost every action Trudeau has taken since the beginning of the Covid situation has been to shut down Canadian freedoms and bring in a totalitarian regime much like that of Communist China. This reflects in his push to control free speech in this country using acts that even Google and Forbes Magazine criticize as among the most restrictive on the planet. All of these are proof of his desire to "get things done" for his globalist masters who use China as a template of success.

By Brad
Cultural Action Party of Canada
December 7, 2021

Canada’s Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)is warning that China’s efforts to distort the news and influence media outlets in Canada “have become normalized.”

According to CBC News, the warning is included in briefing documents drafted for CSIS Director David Vigneault regarding a meeting he had with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in early 2021.

The Myth is Canada
 Round Table Discussion on the State of Canada with Honourable Brian Peckford and Guests

Brian Peckford: Former premier of Newfoundland & Labrador. The last living Architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Cathy Jones:
Canadian Comedian, star of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Garrett Melee:
Humanitarian, world traveler and recent graduate from Canada’s only MBA in social enterprise.

Dana Metcalfe:
National recognized humanitarian, end of life coach, founder of Raven News.

The Myth is Canada

Note: Audio Volumes are extremely unbalanced...

Trudope Better Hide His Face.
Some major TV studio technician should install a 2oo Watt Laser inside the camera being used to film Trudope's next "speech" about the latest imaginary variant and what new orders we need to obey to win this great battle against "The Virus"...
Canadian Truckers On Their Way
To The Dump To The Dump To The Trudope Dump
Special Delivery for Jewstin Trudope

 Mission Accomplished!
Now you have a good reason to put your mask ON, Jewstin...


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