October 24, 2019

Canada Is Screwed! True Statement Made By Criminal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau From 4 Years Ago Showing How He Plans To Destroy Canadian Society

I had warned my fellow Canadians well before last Monday's "federal election" vote that once again put that heinous Justin Trudeau back into the office of Prime Minister..... That criminal and his cohorts in the so called "Liberal" party of Canada should have all been thrown out of office for their long list of crimes against the Canadian people,,, But so stupidly, the majority of the Canadian public have put this group of criminals back into office.... The only saving grace is seeing the Liberal Party of Canada slightly reduced to a "Minority" government that will need the support of at least ONE of the other parties to govern this nation....


BillyBob said...

Canada is indeed "screwed"! It is NOT a democracy, as noted in the world list of governments, Canada is a Constitutional Monarch. We are ruled by the British Privy Council, our PM is just one tiny member of that body.

We have a public broadcasting network which we are forced at gunpoint to pay 1 Billion $ for every year. That broadcast network mocks Canadians who want a return to sanity. Many polls show that well over 70% of Canadians disagree with out immigration policy, but any Canadians who state their objections are called racists.The CBC mocks conservative politicians and has made it so that Max Bernier has been labelled as MadMAX and he literally couldn't be elected dog catcher. They mock anyone who disagrees with gender madness, drag queens teaching kids, and any one who disagrees with 7 year old kids being taught about "fisting" - is labelled a loonie! No non left wing party can win nationally due to us being forced to pay for this left wing madness.

If Canadians ever came to their senses and tried to elect someone who has their values, the same fate would befall us as befell Australia - when they elected Gough Whitlam in 1975 - there the CIA moved in overnight and removed Mr. Whitlam - and the Australian dream of independence died. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/23/gough-whitlam-1975-coup-ended-australian-independence

Canada is a cesspool - the largest pornography site in the world Pornhub is Canadian. Pedophelia runs rampant, and as noted by the NY Slimes, pedophiles flock here due to our lax laws. In a recent bust of the largest pedophile site on the internet - the US had to wait till the site owner came to Virginia to arrest him, because if he had been arrested in Canada.. nothing would have happened to him. Two of our PM's best friends have been arrested for pedophelia, and his Trudeau Foundation features a pedophile logo in it's yearly reports.

Once again, Canada is NOT a democracy, it is a cesspool. Thanks Zap for all you do.

BillyBob said...

Corrections my bad: Constitutional Monarchy. If you think we aren't forced at gunpoint, try not paying your portion of that $$ 1 Billion, Revenue Canada will see to it that you either pay or are incarcerated. Yup, that's Canada.

Liam said...

Whitlam just may have been too communist, too soon. Harold Holt's disappearance was possibly more relevant. Australia and Canada are same, same in most control mechanisms. Is Canada a Constitutional Monarchy or simply a "Hudson Bay Corporation" like Dutch East India Co and British East India Co? Australia has a constitution above the statutes but below Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant). It is just business, Commerce, democracies and constitutions are tiers below and but pacifiers.