October 24, 2019

Automation + Immigration = White Identitarianism

The end of work, mass immigration, mass unemployment, and the primal need for human recognition are likely to explode in a worldwide Age of Identity.

The purpose of the Lying Press is to tell Americans why they are not allowed to resist their dispossession. Thus, just before Christmas, The New York Times contemptuously informed its readers that immigration and globalization are not the real threat to jobs — automation is. Therefore, according to labor economists quoted by NYT, we need “retraining programs, stronger unions, more public-sector jobs, a higher minimum wage, a bigger earned-income tax credit, and, for the next generation of workers, more college degrees.”

Otherwise, people might do something unacceptable — like start “blaming immigrants.”

1 comment:

Nona said...

".....more college degrees." For what?

What about skilled people? They're needed badly...the plumbers, REPAIRMEN, carpenters, potters, glass-blowers, landscapers, builders, herbalists, musicians, music instrument makers, weavers, knitters, jewelers, writers, artists, INVENTORS, etc.

Are all, all these graduates, with their high arrogance, at the end of it all, DEMAND hand made goods for their homes, right?