August 26, 2020

Some People Just Love a Good Crisis, Don’t They? | Carl Vernon


Albert said...

Husband: You NEED to let Me have-sex with You, in order for us to Have: Children !!! :-o

"Government-Official"-Wife: IF I let YOU* do THAT ... I'd Have-to let EVERYONE do that then, wouldn't I ???!!!

"I can't do that, it's more than my job's worth !!!"

*It used to BE: When WE were all growing-up ... that it was UNDERSTOOD by EVERYONE that:

"The EXCEPTION ... PROVES the 'Rule'!" ;-)

"A FOOLISH 'con-sistency" ... is the Hobgoblin of small-Minds!" :-o

Albert said...

"Bed Wetters"...

On Swimming-Pools, and "Hygiene"... Specifically:

Have the Swimming-Pool folks ... NOT: "come-across" the concept: of Children Pissing-in-the-Pool!? ;-)

-- Naggers and jews are Now "LITERALLY": POOPING in the "Pools" of Our Wonderful-WHITE-Nations !!! :-o

Henry said...

This ridiculous child of Ashley Montagu (Israel Eherenberg) with his silly faces and silly voices has no idea of where this shit is coming from nor what it means.

Chains said...

Henry, share your link to the connection please.

Henry said...

"the connection"....What "connection" are you talking about?

Chains said...

I thought you were talking about Carl Vernon. Obviously he is too young. I didn't understand your post.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

They just opened our local pools in Victoria, BC. The same rituals apply here as well. Waiting to enter, I am the only one in line not wearing a mask. Every time. Social distancing is difficult to maintain cos I don't buy into it much but I try.

The other day an old Karen took me to task for sitting and changing in a seat that meant she has to come within 2 feet of me. Needless to say I wept in dismay at the little lecture. Ah, no. The power of the smirk prevailed, no words need be said.

No drop in swims. Everything is rigidly controlled. Social norms. Attendance record for social tracing. Blah blah blah. They don't even allow snorkels any longer because you might release sputum into the air... HUH?

It is a class or no swim at all. I go because I need the exercise and the water, my heart and soul demand it as much as my bones and muscles. There was a man in class the other day with a friggin paper mask on and there was friggin sputum dangling from it at one point. A paper mask in a swimming pool!

This guy assumes we are all sheep in there? I think not. If that is all there is then that is all there is alas. This is not settling but it beats no pool. Oh, yeah, I forgot, the hardest thing to do is not constantly remind people that all this fuss and bother about germs etc is just a hoax for... well we all know the truths around here.