May 08, 2021

Freemasonry, Montreal Protests, Reiner Fuellmich & The Gates Divorce

Humanity is Held Hostage by a Satanic Cult Freemasonry
Altiyan Childs
100,000 Quebecers Participate in Festive Protest in Montreal on May Day

Rebel News
Reiner Fuellmich Interview With The FDDLP
Foundation For the Defense of Rights and Freedoms of the People

The Bill And Melinda Gates Divorce
Alex Jones

The Power of  Private Members Assembly
Marty Leeds

Man Walks out of Pharmacies with Vax Vials, Overnights them to Diagnostics Labs
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The Truth about Freemasons - The Hidden Religion Altian Childs (Part 1)

FreeMasonry - The Secret Society that Rules Them all

Freemasonry and witchcraft are practically identical. Tom Brady is a Freemason. His wife is a witch. Hillary Clinton doubtlessly is a witch.

FDR, Hitler, Stalin and Churchill were all Freemasons. The Dalai Lama, Alex Jones and David icke are Freemasons.

The Noahide Laws, which have been resigned every year by US Presidents stipulate the Christ worship is blasphemy and blasphemers will be decapitated. A Freemason, Joseph Ignace Guillotin, (1738-1814) designed the guillotine. The perfume maker Chanel has actually produced a "smart guillotine."  

All funeral homes are run by Freemasons.

Altiyan Childs had a conversion to Christianity after he narrowly escaped death in a car accident. People are going to say he is still a Freemason but what would they accomplish by totally exposing themselves? We will never have leaders if we keep stabbing them in the back. I believe he is sincere. We must rally behind this courageous defender or deserve a wretched fate.

"We own the planet. You're being evicted."

We were raised under the Christian dispensation where society was dedicated to the welfare and fulfillment of its members. We have entered the Cabalist New World Order where society is dedicated to fulfilling the deranged fantasies of its richest and most evil members, which include depopulating and enslaving mankind.

For the rest of the article and comments:

Altiyan Childs-- Humanity is Held Hostage by a Satanic Cult (Freemasonry)

Montreal Protest - May 1st 2021

An estimated 100,000 Protesters assembled in Montreal where they railed against the Quebec lockdown and clamored for the Premier to resign.

FULL REPORT from David Menzies who was in Montreal, Quebec this weekend: for more great Rebel content. 
Premier Liar of Québec, Le Go To Hell


 Got that?

 The Trudope, Lying Dumbass Extraordinaire

Speaking of criminally insane hypocrites,
Learn The Secrets of Bill And Melinda Gates’ Divorce 
From Alex Jones
The Alex Jones Show — via May 4, 2021

"What are the real reasons behind the two most powerful population control philanthropists in the world? Alex Jones says what's on his mind in the riveting expose into the Gates culling empire."

Yukon Jack  on May 7, 2021:
Based on the evidence coming in that the vax jab is severely affected human reproduction it may be all about sterilization of the world population – and if those who got the vaccine are shedding the vax itself, if may not matter if you got vaccinated or not, we could be all made sterile. This seems to me the logical endgame of those billionaires who are extremely alarmed by overpopulation.

Deagel’s website is gone as are the archives. That 2025 prediction of much lower USA and UK population may be correct, we will see how the vax affects national populations.
Looks like she said no to the prick... 

The power of PMA's (Private Members Assembly)
268 - The Hawaii county assembly (Sky Kubby & Hope Johnson)
Marty Leeds Live
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Myeye1 said...

S&B said...

Stalin being freemason is not even laughable. The fact he is constantly placed in the same list with Ulyanov-Blank, Trotsky and similar monsters is the result of activity in the west of provocateur and deceiver Solzhenitsyn and his types. Stalin mostly got rid of Lenin guards (ethnically belonging to one group) in the government. That is 1937.

Archie Titus said...

Freemasonry is Judaism for wannabe Jews.

Altiyan Childs is a minor celebrity, he's a musician who competed in one of those talent shows and if I recall, though I didn't watch it, he did rather well.

Jesus Christ is making a come-back, but not in the churches and halls of established, organized religion, but personally and independently in truth-tellers who love the truth.

Hope it stays up on JewTube. And I hope Altiyan stays safe.

Thanks Voltman.

inthemix16 said...

Vaccine Burglar seems to be getting some traction out there. Still skeptical. That right side driving car? Where is he? Tim Truth has extended version but he got another one. Why everyone so passive? He sure doesnt seem to nervous ? I dont know. Here is # 2

Steve said...


Steve said...


Steve said...

no jab for me

Steve said...

I had a dream of forced vaccines! posted on YT in 2009.

Amanda said...

@Steve- thanks for the links
fwiw- here's the latest from Joe Atwill and Tim Kelly:

Chains said...

Revelations Radio News

This podcast takes a skeptical and sometimes sarcastic view of the mass media and government propaganda news. We sift through alternative, mainstream, and first-hand news sources to try and figure out what is actually happening. We don’t find any of the current wars (or many of those in history) to be anything more than aggression disguised by blatant war propaganda. We also emphasize health issues–especially the deleterious effects of GMOs, vaccines, prescription drugs, and the rest of the eugenics agenda on our lives and the lives of those around us. Most importantly we examine how the pseudo-reality we are fed through mass media contradicts the way our world is accurately described in the Bible.

inthemix16 said...

@Chains.. I dont know might owe you apology. WTF is this garbage i see above? Your comment about divorce.. seems i so missed something. oh fuck. . Is this Grizzom or did i do too many shrooms last night. ? whomever it was last weekend i was discussing RT with..I just was there just chillin. Its worse! Its becoming CNN with just a positive , more international , positive Russian slant CNN. I discovered RT the day MH17 , went down.Zionhedge just happened to have a fast breaking post just after that the Israelis just happened to have some odd timing, that they were launching a massive assault on Gaza. I was just looking for someone unbiased that day. Really odd timing , fast news day. RT looked like Fox with credibility, Some great journalist there. In Oct of 2015 when Vlad released the Krakon that was THE place to go. still some great stuff out there on YT .. But there documentary channel still seems top notch . If you havent seen Combat Ready Mig 31 and My Crazy Russian Vlog you missed out . But now. like one said, ever since that incident in DC its gone down faster than a 100 vegas hoe.

Chains said...

"@Chains.. I dont know might owe you apology. WTF is this garbage i see above? Your comment about divorce.. seems i so missed something. oh fuck."

Huh? You mean my divorce? That was ten years ago bro, I traded up for a nicer sportier model.

What garbage above? I'm a little confused by your post. I don't have a TV anymore and I haven't watch RT in years.I think I can agree that news in general has lost the plot!

Chains said...

Gods and Monsters Stargates of the Blind

Chains said...

Evacuees of the Second World War: Stories of children sent away from home

Isolation is key to taking hold of the mind it seems.

Orphan Trains (Populating Empty Cities)

Chains said...

How shutting the Line 5 pipeline down could affect Canadians

Prepare for increased bullshit as the summer progresses.

Henry said...

Fuckin' risible!...More anti-Nazi bullshiit from a bunch of assclowns who think the "Law" can be made to work against that which controls the Law.

A resort to violence is the only solution to this problem. Anyone who pretends otherwise is your enemy.

inthemix16 said...

@Chains. Thanks. What i meant was , i dont see a Scorpio post here all weekend. No "Triangle" Posts above ? That be this place never seemed to be a place of brain dead posts but of intelligent ones. Maybe you werent the the one i discussed RT with. Im all for it regarding sportier model. In my hood, you rent it ,not buy it. There is no way i can go into detail here .I would solidify being the arrogant POS some think i am here. Trust me i will get a book out on that some day. Lets just say there are some sites out there that encourage the Talmudic break up of the nuclear family , that normalize things we would regard in past, as being, not accepted for lack of better words. There is endless hot young, edumacated ladies that cant pay tuition and will never get jobs they thought they could. Lets leave it right there. The great part is many "friends" of mine have learned that no man has a right to disrespect a woman ! Contrary to what some youngins have been conditioned as to be "normal' Take a bad, ,make it right. My guess is you did what a man had to do. Theres no wrong in that

Chains said...

@ Mix yeah I just lived through it and supported my kids. It sucks but it all gets better.

Hey Henry, good to see you're still alive and the covids didnt get you! LOL

You think violence is going to solve this? Well in my neighborhood its about 80 t0 90 percent
of people walking around with masks on. What do you suggest going forward?

Henry said...

To the semitic like shitbag posting above....if you really wantt to engage with me jewboy/jewlover then don't bury your question beneath a direct response to another poster.

Chains said...

This is a banking takeover and we should see government crypto like currencies within a year or two I bet. All the rest of this covid bullshit is just that. If your calling for violence you're about a hundred years late. There has never been any significant push back by the slaves, you and I included or everyone else since these central banks have been having their way with us. So count yourself among the assclowns! LOL ya old fucker! :)

Scorpio said...

What was the epilogue to the guy who took a vial of the vaxx and sent it to a lab? It would easily cost a couple of grand to get something like that analyzed, Nice touch having Love Isn't Always on Time playing in the background as he snags the vial and walks away.

Scorpio said...

I had a slugout with ol' Henry a while back but he is right about this one. Violence is coming whether you like it or not. When the plug is finally pulled on the current system we live under, some form off martial law will be declared worldwide and the new system will be enforced by the barrel of a gun. This is a guarantee if we learn the lessons from history. The only question is will you submit like a servile slave or will you choose to fight and put everything on the line, including your life. There will be no middle ground in the near future.

Henry said...

Address me directly, jewboy. I see your old pal "scorpio" has rocked up in support again. I still have the screenshots when you and it spent an evening erasing my comments and replies...are you two yentas really joined at the anus or is that just another Bible parable?

As for the Banks...they've been in control for 350 yrs. Nothing new there then.

Henry said...

So this cunt "chains" tells you that the system is controlled by the enemy and the enenmy controls all the institutions but you must never take back control using force/violence....then what does "chains" suggest as the solution?....should we simply buy Gold certificates and just lie back and dream about the promised land?

Scorpio said...

What are you talking about Henry - I was agreeing with your point. Read my response again. BTW, I don't hold a grudge over some argument we had a year ago.

Henry said...

Anyone like "chains" who supports the childish nonsense that an argument in a court of law can change or stop a world wide accepted determination to embrace your murder/enslavement is not someone you should be listening to.

Henry said...

Scorpio, and I never hold a grudge: but you or your pal (chains) removed six of my posts during that "argument"

Chains said...

I never removed anyone's post except commercial spammers. Secondly if you think we have what it takes as a society to rise up and take back the power and then shape it into something that resembles sanity you're dreaming IMHO. We will do what we have always done. The majority will get dragged along into a new experiment. The fringe dwellers will do their best to maintain their principles and fight and possibly die. Pretty simple. Not sure what you're talking about going to court for? Under those conditions court would prove precious little. We are corporate fictions currently though. There are people asserting themselves and  fighting against that fraud using affidavits and these have had some success. Is that what you are referring to? Mixing that scenario and a societal breakdown are quite different situations. I can assure you your masters are at least several steps ahead of your interpretation of what's happening and what's coming.

Chains said...

I do not hold a grudge Henry. Not at all.

Scorpio said...

Henry - I don't remember what happened a year ago, nor do I care. All kinds of people post stuff here and it's hard to keep it all straight from the perspective of an admin. Only deliberate or disingenuous trolls/spammers get put into the round file. I don't give a shit if someone agrees with me or not.

How about responding to my comment. You completely mischaracterized what I said. I hardly rocked up in support again but if you want to continue grumbling about something that happened a year ago, then be my guest. It should be clear to you by now that I don't share the same perspective as chain on this subject. What is happening now to our world seems vastly more important from my perspective.

The only reason I engaged you was that I thought you made an insightful and cogent point, not to start up round two from something that happened pre-covidhoax. Nobody is deleting your comments so relax.

Chains said...

Grumpy pants said, "then what does "chains" suggest as the solution?....should we simply buy Gold certificates and just lie back and dream about the promised land?"

My solution is stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your own life. You are not going to save humanity from itself and it's ignorance. That much I know for sure.

Chains said...

I have many skills and I have taken an interest in learning them. I'm not bragging, It's just a fact. Most people are one trick ponies and that is the way the controllers want you. It's a weakness and that is one of the biggest problems facing us if the lights go out.

Panzerfaust said...

Thank you Amanda for the link.
All these admins but not one picks up the ball when Zap goes away. Suffice to say the content is more important to visitors than online bumfights.

Henry said...

Boris Johnson's grandfather got involved in Turkish politics and was lynched by a mob. People today don't have the sense that a (seemingly) hapless clown like Johnson can be a real danger to a nation and its people. The Turks didn't get a Johnson of their own because they got a rope and used it. You're not gonna beat these bastards by appealing to their own legal system. That's like complaining to the Mafia about the Mafia. Violence is the only thing that worries them.

Chains said...

Henry here in Canada "my fellow Canadians" are rule followers to the extreme. The lynching you speak of  means nothing to the ruling elite there is an endless supply  of compromised lackeys they can serve up to the public. People are now sending their children to institutions that teach them how to be good communists.The public are constantly in offer and acceptance/contract situations that if they denied them would complicate their lives. Commonwealth countries have   British Common legal systems but the most important part of that system is your right of contract. Ignorance of the law is no excuse so all this other political process bullshit is just that. The first step toward empowering yourself is admitting you are a slave under this current system. The owness is on YOU to find your own way out and assert your god given rights. Otherwise you play in a game of admiralty where you contract into statutes that grant privileges and demand duties to uphold if you want the privilege. Most of this is done by tacit agreement. How many people have read the statutes they contracted into, or even if they did were able to understand what the legal wordsmiths had written into those traps? People are too lazy to govern themselves but it is possible currently. The sun is setting on that old system right now. They are racing to produce a new system that will be statute only and have British common law concepts removed. Thats what I bet is coming.