July 04, 2013

What’s With All These Unnecessary Cop-On-Canine Killings?

The shocking video of the Hawthorne, CA Police Department gunning down an innocent man’s Rottweiler, who was doing nothing more than coming to his master Leon Rosby’s aid after he was being falsely detained for obstruction, was arguably the viral-video-of-day for July 2nd, 2013. It was the latest in what seems to be a disturbingly high number of Cop-on-Canine assassinations in the United States which have occurred within the last few years. Many still remember a surreal video from New York City in the late summer of 2012, in which a small dog, barely 20-inches tall, was shot several times on a crowded street in Manhattan. The dog was merely protecting it’s owner who was lying on the street having a seizure, and by protecting I am literally talking about all bark and no bite. That did not stop two officers on the scene from drawing their weapons and unloading into the small dog without any hesitation, after the animal had approached one of the officers.  The fact that those officers truly believed they faced enough “danger” to warrant such a drastic response, and that afterwards the writhing and twitching dog still might have posed enough of a threat to maintain their grandstanding defensive power stance in front of so many horrified witnesses, is really quite pathetic.
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Dog Killer Cop Killed Man with Down Syndrome as a Rookie 


Noor al Haqiqa said...

What gets me is the guy was backing up to the cops after putting his dog in the car cos he knew they were heading for him. The dog was not a real threat. At least they killed it right off unlike the dog in that other video that they left writhing on the street. Israeli cop training surely is a great thing.

RJ said...

"I would like to offer some fashion advice to all those in charge of issuing cop uniforms: Since the “Boys in Blue” shake and tremble at the sight of old women and children brandishing toothpicks, shiny objects, glasses of lemonade, etc… Let’s just issue them more appropriate & new PINK uniforms. Boys in Pink? I like it, how ’bout you?"

good quote. boys in pink!

WHOOLI said...

Cops are being trained in Israel.