November 19, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.11.19

The Inflation Genie Is Out of the Bottle

-The inverted yield curve is geeky money stuff but curious and interesting to understand for us dollar consumers.
-We walk through the process since 2008 and the money transfers that have gone on between the owners of the FED to the big banks, (essentially themselves)
-Andy says The Boys are on a buying spree, purchasing all depressed assets and commodities, and he believes the dollar has topped out.
-Whoever spends the new money first wins the game
-What is The Keystone really about?
-Baby boomers continue to hoard money as shown in MZM numbers
-Bail ins made official at the g-20 in Australia last weekend.
-ISIS issuing their own gold and silver coin money is significant
-The Swiss Gold Referendum is coming soon and significant
-The old traditional store of stores, Sears has fallen by the wayside
-Executive order 11110 by JFK
-Andy gives us his historical perspective when asked, “Who killed Kennedy?” as a preview of tomorrow’s show, (Nov. 20), with Robert Morningstar
-What is Putin up to and what kind of leverage does he truly have
-U.S. stays we the people have 8,000 tonnes of gold. Do they?
-The difference between commodity money and real money

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