May 14, 2020

The Country Where They Didn't Lockdown!

       Belarus, one of the few normal countries left in the world. An amusing little vlog interspersed with WW2 propaganda (those pesky Germans!). He even meets an Irishman. Yep, we get around!   

6 comments: said...

Trump on Fox news with jews today; "We will use military to vaccinate americans";

spoonful said...

My grandfather came from Belarus - wonder if I can still get citizenship

Voltman said...

Obeying The Lying Criminals

Just Say Nope!!_AGENDA_(18).jpg?

In Italy, opponent of lockdown thrown into psychiatric hospital
Voltaire Network – May 9, 2020

Practice Media Distancing

It Will Blow Over
How to Get Rich During the Quarantine
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"Dr Vernon Coleman discusses how censorship affects access to vital news on YouTube."

Everything you are allowed to know but I can't tell you what about Vernon Coleman

Coronavirus: Silent obedience will destroy us
Dr Vernon Coleman — YouTube May 12, 2020
Hey Canadian Mason! Beware of Dog!

Amanda said...

pretty sure Turkmenistan didn't have lockdowns--apparently the leader must be onto the scam, says there is no coronavirus there and told the WHO stay out of the country.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...
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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Hi AdolfRichtar - I saw the beginning of that broadcast - The leader acted like his mother had just died and the world was ending. He totally misquoted and misled the viewers as to what Trump did, and didn't say. It irritates me when "church" people are deceptive. I think that Truenews is a great example of "FALSE PROPHETS" misleading the sheep. Trump was talking about "delivery" of the shots, not injecting them forcefully by the military. That's BS.

So, to be perfectly clear, here's what Trump said, being said "by Trump", then immediately confirmed on the stage. Please watch at 26:40. "A vaccine for people that want to get it. Not everyone is going to want to get it" - I personally know that DT saw his son's brain turn to liquid shit before his and his wife's eyes when he received 3 vaccines in 1 day. - Remember, he's dancing with the devil 24/7, and he "HATES VACCINES" -

Maybe you can help me with this question. Why is Fauci wearing 2 masks? Why are the other "experts" wearing only 1 mask? Should I be wearing 2 masks? Does Fauci know something he's not sharing? Should maybe I be wearing 3 masks? Then I'll probably be really safe. Right?