April 26, 2015

Texe Marrs Podcast 4/17/2015 - President Obama’s War Against Netanyahu, the Neocon Jews, and Political Saboteurs

Texe Marrs was the first to report on Obama’s turning away from control by his Jewish masters. First, he threw Israeli spy Rahm Emanuel out of his position as White House Chief of Staff. Now, he has rejected the Jews’ harsh demands for war in Iran. Obama also shocked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by ordering the CIA to release publicly its Top Secret report accusing Israel of having stolen American uranium and it’s A-bomb and H-bomb secrets. The CIA says Israel now has hundreds of nuclear bombs, a fact that Israel has lied about and deceived its own people and American citizens for 50 years. Now, Obama insists it is time—after 70 years of occupation—for Israel to give the imprisoned Palestinians their national sovereignty. What will be next? Will the Jewish neocons punish Obama by assassinating him the way they did John F. Kennedy? Be sure to also listen to The Clean Break Doctrine of the Mideast Israeli Hell: Dr. Hesham Tillawi Interview.          TexeMarrs.com

*The Clean Break Doctrine of the Mideast Israeli Hell: Dr. Hesham Tillawi Interview


Unknown said...

Although there appears to be value in this podcast, I'm perplexed by Texe's unfounded statement that the NSDAP was formed by recruiting Communists when in fact the NSDAP was the elect party openly opposing Communism. Has Texe unwittingly become a tool of the slanderous tribe?

An extraneous thought:

The name "Satan" comes from a Hebrew word meaning "Adversary." Notwithstanding, the name "Devil" is unique to the New Testament and comes from the Greek "Diabolos" from which we get the word "diabolical" and means, "Slanderer;" "False Accuser."

It's amazing to me how many Christians overlook the title "Devil," in their discourses--a descriptive name first introduced by Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. Most Christians blame everything on the nondescript, "Satan" (Adversary) inadvertently distracting themselves and others from the fact that slander and false accusation are the defining characteristics of "the Adversary."

By the way, you don't have to be Jewish to be a slanderer or false accuser; something for Christians and any other belief system conceptionalist to consider.

Thanks for posting this, WHOOLI.

Unknown said...

The transliterate Hebrew word for Priest is Cohen or Con. The Neo-Cons are the new Jewish sacrificial priests couched in government. You or I can claim this is nonsense, but the Yiddish studied Jews are winking one to another.

Nick said...

The assertions here are ridiculous. Obama is most likely Jewish on both sides (Ashkenazi Khazar through his mom, and Falasha Ethiopian Jew through his father). His brother in law is also a black rabbi in Chicago. He may have public disagreements with Netanyahu; part of this is open infighting among Zionists about which policies are best for Israel (eg open conflict with the Palestinians vs feigned peace agreements), and part of it is probably exaggerated drama to throw off the public. But the idea of Obama turning against his Zionist handlers is absurd. Even if Obama is not Jewish himself, he was handpicked and created as a political entity by Jewish backed Communists, and the Jewish political machine of Chicago. They made him a star, despite him having no real political experience or professional accomplishments. Also, Rahm was not "thrown out" of the White House; he returned home to become mayor of Chicago.