Monday, December 15, 2014

Entitlement Mentality Gone Wild

*Entitlement Mentality Part 1

*Entitlement Mentality Part 2


Christopher Marlowe said...

This is a very Jewish billboard. The idea that a person is not allowed to breed unless they have money is exactly what the Jews want us to think.

It used to be that a man could support his family and his wife could stay home. Now both parents work to support just one or two kids that they can "afford". And meanwhile, the population falls below the replacement rate, and society can't afford the pensions and healthcare of retirees.

If Europeans had the big families that they would have if they didn't practice birth control and abortion, there would be no worries about people from the 3rd world replacing white nations. Europe is dying because the nations are contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence. They do this because they no long have Christian consciences: they think like pagans or Jews.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right about the billboard. However show us one excerpt or passage in a pagan book/text where it says to abort your children. Show us examples of where Children were being aborted in Pagan societies, besides the pregnant women being murdered by the inquisitor for not worshiping the Jew God.

WHOOLI said...

What good is it to have children that you can't afford to house, feed, or educate without looting other people to do so?
Seems to me that this is what the jews would have us do, so as to be dependent on their commie system.

Christopher Marlowe said...

CB: Little skeletons and historical records prove that infanticide was common in ancient Rome: "As horrifying as the killing of newborns seems to modern people, in ancient Rome, babies weren’t considered fully human upon birth..."

Infanticide was common in ancient Greece:

Our modern view that infanticide is evil comes from Christianity:

Whooli: No one ever HAS TO loot people in order to feed their children. These clowns are looting because they are thieves with a convenient excuse. The key word here is "afford". There is so much wealth in the world, and in a truly free enterprise market, everyone who wanted to work would have plenty to house all the children they wanted. Jews create scarcity as a means of generating shekels.

Anonymous said...

Ok I was talking about celts and Germanic people

WHOOLI said...

Yes, afford. As you make decisions in life, you should count the cost. That includes consideration of the kind of system you are living under(i.e. jew limited resource system)and whether or not it is wise to conduct certain activities that you don't have the resources for in and of yourself.