September 25, 2014

Black "Representative" Charlie Rangel wants to reinstate the Draft and send all you young white crackers off to fight the Jews wars for them.

*Ready to send your kids off to fight and die for the Jews White America?*
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) is a combat veteran and former Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.
"As a Korean War veteran, I know the plight of war. Our military is the best in the world, but war is unpredictable and chaotic. In the event that the conflict in Iraq and Syria necessitates American troops on the ground, everyone should share the sacrifices instead of the small few who are already carrying that burden.
For a decade I have been calling for the reinstatement of the draft because our military personnel and their families bear a tremendous cost each time we send them to fight...."

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Unknown said...

no rangle has an angle

he is against the war he is saying that a draft would make it so war never happens because people would actually pay attention and start demanding accountability ,he is actually right on this ,this is exactly the catalyst we need to get the real war going,the revolution