January 22, 2016

Why some people drop dead while shoveling snow

In French Canadia, No One Can Hear You Scratching Paintwork!
Each approaching blizzard brings warnings about the dangers of shoveling snow, an activity that sends thousands of Americans to emergency rooms each winter. Don't tackle the walkway if you aren't in good enough shape, say the experts. You can get hurt or, even worse, trigger a heart attack or stroke. Medically speaking, a person is indeed more likely to keel over while heaving snow than, say, jogging on a treadmill. But why?


Amerikaner said...

I don't know. To drop dead of a heart attack or stroke from shoveling snow in this totally screwed up world of 2016, could very well be a mercyful fate in a lot of respects.

Christopher Marlowe said...

People drop dead while shoveling snow because they are lazy and they want to get out of work.