January 31, 2016

The "Satanic" Theology Behind Cultural Marxism

They're Similar Because One Begat & Controls To This Day The Other.
When I studied English Literature, I was mystified that it was stripped of its social and biographical context as if naked words had some occult meaning by themselves. "Critical Theory" (Jewish Satanism, Cabalism) has subverted ("deconstructed") modern Western culture and undermined language as a means of communication. Our education system quite literally inducts naive young people into a Masonic Jewish satanic cult.
"In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction." (Protocols of Zion,16.)
"CABALISM=JUDAISM=COMMUNISM="SATANISM". Jews (and Freemasons) have a choice: Disown their organizations, or be blamed for what they are doing.


Nona said...

As always, the jews stole the 6-point star and twisted it to their ends.

The sign is from very Ancient Times, BEFORE even Abraham. It' NoT a Star of David, it's two triangles superimposed over each other. The one point up means "THe Holy Self - the Creator Self - the one pointing down means "The Human - the Alter Ego. When they're joined they represent: The Creator in the Human Body. It means we are ALL Creators.

Erik Paul said...

"Sacred Geometry","Star of David/Seal of Solomon", "Tree of Life" "Pentagram", "Flower of Life" and similar terms fundamentally derive from descriptions of the basic and very simple coordinate system of Nature--ie, what Richard B. Fuller called the "isotropic vector matrix"--and nothing more.

Hose off the layers of woo-woo and accumulations of "magick" and horseshit and you're left with something of striking elegance, simplicity and beauty.

From eaqual-radius spheres, if we take one and close-pack as many additional spheres as possible around it, we will find it takes exactly 12 spheres (this is the source all the woo about the number 13, 12 around 1, Jesus and his disciples, the Zodiac, and so forth).

Now connect all the centers of the spheres with equal radius-vectors and you will see that this produces a 3D geometrical solid known as the cubeoctahedron or, per Fuller, the "vector equilibrium." This is the basic unit of the structure of the vacuum or aether, fractally infinitely omnidirectionaly outward and inward.

Next, if we remove the central sphere and compress the 12-sphere shell a new configuration is formed. When the centers are now connected we see that a solid geometrical shape known as the icosahedron and its dual, the dodecahedron, are produced.

Lastly, if we divide each of the 30 equal edge vectors of the icosahedron in half it produces a solid known as the icosadodecahedron with 12 equilateral pentagons, 20 equilateral hexagons and 60 vertices.

One can now clearly see the source of the pentagram and hexagram (Star of David), as well as the English system of measurement (base 12 and natural) as opposed to the Metric system (base 10 and unnatural). This is the source of such things as soccer balls, buckyballs, geodesic domes and the Bohr atom. This is why there are 12 inches in a foot, 12 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 360 degrees in a circle and on and on.

This simple isotropic vector matrix is truly the matrix (ie mother) of the entire material world. Shine a light through it's gridwork and what do you see in the shadow projected on the wall? The "Tree of Life" and the "Flower of Life." (Woooo-oooo) :-D

It seems that ancient knowledge which had been lost was discovered by a small group and used to deceive and bamboozle the ignorant masses while keeping its true meaning occulted. Hmmm, who might do such a thing?

Erik Paul said...

OMG! I think I may have come down with a mild case of acute negentropical verbosarrhea.

Hmmmm, could be the upgrade from Now™ MCT oil to Captri™ pure caprillic acid in the bulletproof coffee recipe.

A swig or more of Jack Daniels and abstaining from Mami's should help.

EP2 over and out...