Monday, January 25, 2016

Denver/Patriots Fixed/NFL Event Predicted, McFly Code 7

Lie, Cheat, Steal. Denver Broncos win is in the McFly Code

Polarization Nation Media's You Tube

A View from the Bog


Panzerfaust said...

One thing I did find odd was the apparent DOS attack against the visitor (Patriots) team's Microsoft tablet LAN, this was brought up on the air live during the 1st half. Apparently the service was restored or rerouted for the second half. Then during the second game the visitor team's sideline coaches were observed by myself using ring binders and laminated printed sheets, as if they were notified of the issue in Denver. As notoriously prone to exploit as MS products are known I always expected this issue to arise, and it did right on cue in a critical playoff game to a visitor team. I also suspect MS's massive promotional account caused the NFL and corporate news partners to bury this story, as I haven't seen a word of it mentioned on the TV since.

Panzerfaust said...

CNET article on the issue

Innocent Smith said...

This video was complete BS. I watched because it is always fun to recap that creepy airport. And that Nazi guy with the gas mask, that looks like a Soviet Communist to me. Brady never cheated and that entire fiasco was ridiculous. It just came out quietly a couple of days ago that it was hysterical overreach. If the Patriots played a song called Lie, Cheat and Steal, it was to have a little fun with the idiotic charges. Having said all that, it does not mean the games are not fixed. Of course they are. There is a hell of a lot of gambling going on in these big games. But to meander about in a bunch of movies going back sometimes 10 years is just ridiculous. Bane in the one Batman movie was obviously symbolic of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and that is why he was the bad guy.

Colin said...

I hear ya Smith .... Colts' balls recently revealed deflated in same game. It was Goodell's intent to "get back" at Pats for spygate that pissed off the owners.

The guy doing the video needs to PREDICT winners BEFORE games.

I too think pro sports have been fixed at times, but if people think Brady takes dives then they haven't followed his life story very closely.

Unknown said...

After the bullshit with deflate gate ... Tom Brady should have won..