January 27, 2016

FBI raid: Oregon refuge, 1 killed, 5 in custody, including Ammon, Ryan Bundy shot

LaVoy Finicum. 1st casualty of A Potential Civil War?
At least one dead, 5 taken into custody after FBI raid, situation still active.
Update: The shooting is now being reported by the mainstream media and liberals are already cheering the death of one of the members of Bundy’s group. The New York Times is reporting that this all happened during a “traffic stop”. As usual the mainstream media is IMMEDIATELY taking the government at their word and not even remotely wondering if this was a straight up ATTACK on the group.


Zeetip said...

" The shooting is now being reported by the mainstream media and liberals are already cheering the death of one of the members of Bundy’s group. "

Don't dismiss the likely fact that it's "all hands on deck" time for the jooz.media.gov.mil social media psyops personnel, plus all joosh hasbarats, hammering/astroturfing social media with "comments" supportive of jooz.gov.

I thought the same thing after Boston HoaxAthon when there was that infamous footage replayed over & over on the JSM of a group of peeps cheering & chanting "USA USA!" after the pretend drama reached its pretend "got their men!" conclusion... We know they had a hundred/whatever crisis actors at the scene of the pretend bombing; so what's another hundred to pretend to be celebrating, for sheer propaganda purposes?

That "celebrating crowd" footage WAS an effective psyop, right? How did it make you feel, as someone with a different view of events that day, to see people (actors?) "celebrating" like that? Did you feel 'isolated', like, best to keep your mouth shut and not be a party pooper for "the majority" all around you (haha!) who are so "ecstatic" in response to the outcome? Or were you fooled, Delphi'ed, by a jooz.media.gov.mil psyop designed to make you feel your opinion is just that of a fringe minority at best?

Interestingly, I've had one eye on FAUX News International edition on the tv, muted, for the past 6-7 hours; and the OR story has been nearly 100% AWOL... maybe just a 10 second headline recital at the top of every hour's global news roundup. However, the story is A#1 at the foxnews.com homepage.


Is FAUX seeking to keep some shred of cred among the better informed demographic who goes to the web for their news?

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I smell a RAT,, How could Bundy make a phone call to his wife in the back of a law enforcement Vehicle after His Arrest and shots fired.

Bull SHIT! That dude would have been Frisked & Cuffed... Phone would have been held at the very least..

Come On Guys,, I am not a Nut, , I know what Law Enforcement does after an arrest!
This is all some Government Crap for the very average Media Educated Dumb-Ass to get his rocks off on some fake patriotic Political Masterbation!